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Free Stuff!!

Novell has a frappr thing up through which you can get some free stuff.

[Aug 25 Update:  50 SLED activation codes!?]


10 Responses

  1. Hm, looks nice, especially the digital camera.
    But do you only search for developers, or only for people who contributed to SLED?

    Because atm I mainly use Fedora Core. Nevertheless I wrote some Howtos for Suse 10.0 and 10.1 and I also wrote a howto about the inclusion of iFolder into Fedora Core – but that all cannot match what several developers did for SLED or Linux in general…

  2. Liquidat:
    “But do you only search for developers, or only for people who contributed to SLED?”
    Not at all! If you put yourself on the list, you qualify. Besides, on seeing your at-large comments and interactions with others, I consider you an active member of the SUSE community. Fedora or not. 🙂

  3. I am a bit disappointed. Novell advocates Open Source components in SUSE, but it hands out proprietary (+DRM)…


  4. Hey, Roy:
    I presume you mean the iPod nanos? The iPod itself is just a device. iTunes is where the DRM seems most objectionable.
    Of course, the argument can be made (fairly) that buying anything Apple supports their DRM hegemony.
    At the same time, a lot of people really like iPods. Novell has sponsored Banshee (and, to an extent, Amarok) in order to allow Linux-based enjoyment of iPods without needing iTunes.
    Finally, while some of our people (Jeremy Allison, for sure!) strongly oppose iPods because of Apple’s DRM, to my knowledge Novell has never stated any official stance about DRM.

  5. Thanks, I will participate 🙂
    Talking about the prizes: what I really miss there is a SLED pack: an official version with licence key or something like that.
    I was very surprised that there was not such a price offered because that is more than obvious, I think.
    Well, there will be reasons for that I guess, but which?

  6. Do we get points if we’re already on the NOA Frappr map? Wait…. You’ve never mentioned that on the blog have you.. 🙂

  7. Blue push pins? Why not green push pins or maybe red? That shade of blue just doesn’t look good for some reason…

  8. > Novell has never stated any official stance about DRM.


    Thanks for the clarifications. *smile*

  9. […] Thanks to an insightful (as in, “Why didn’t we think of that?”) comment from alert reader Liquidat, we’re upping the ante, raising the stakes, and sweatening, make that sweetening, the pie for putting yourself on the Your Linux is Ready map. […]

  10. How about a ticket to BrainShare as prize? Or maybe a slightly used envy green Dell laptop?

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