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NOA: AutoBuild and Quality Assurance on SUSE Linux Enterprise

Our latest edition of Novell Open Audio  gets back into our long list of interviews from Erin and my visit to Novell’s SUSE office in Nuremberg. This one is really cool if you have wondered how SUSE Linux Enterprise (or even openSUSE for that matter) is created. We look at how SUSE’s AutoBuild process works, and then we follow on with how the teams there automate a lot of testing for quality assurance.

Erin and I also offer a mea culpa to the openSUSE community regarding our incomplete explanation of what the openSUSE distribution is all about. Here at Novell Open Audio headquarters. we’re all about cleaning up after ourselves.

The audio quality on the interviews is still substandard, and will continue to be throughout all the Nuremberg interviews we have still to release. Our Microphones tested fine before we left. Something went wrong, and now Mike the Audio Guy is working on some new microphones for our next venture.

Finally, if you have not rated or commented on some of the recent shows, please do! We hang on every word of the comments–seriously!


4 Responses

  1. As I already stated sometime else: I very, very much prefer transcriptions because I can read much, much fast as you speak. 😉

  2. Wow the audio sucks on that interview. BTW, you need to do another correction: you didn’t mis-describe ‘openSuSE’ – you mistitled your description. It should have been ‘openSuSE Factory’. 😉

  3. Bear:
    I say “substandard,” you say “sucks.” We mean the same thing. But, still, good stuff, huh?

  4. Ted:
    As always, yes, a good interview.

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