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Prague Arrival

Prague squareSurfacing from my Ambien slumber this morning, our jet dropped down into Prague an hour delayed. After my lost-luggage experience at GUADEC, I estimated little hope of ever seeing my bag appear on the carousel. To my surprise, somehow it followed me through both the Atlanta and New York City transfers I made yesterday.

The event coordinators had a driver meet me at the airport–a service I seldom accept, but occasionally it can be very nice after a long flight to an unfamilar place. When I emerged into the arrivals hall, I scanned the placards and hand-written signs held by various young and middle-aged men until I finally saw my name in large, serifed type on a laser-printed page. The sign was held by an attractive thirty-something woman. The stylish clothing on her slender fugure made me think back to my days travelling as a bachelor. The best thing about being married is that it provides one with the confidence to be a disinterested observer, no more than a casual appreciator of the arts. In other words, I have no need to pursue exotic rejections.

For 20 minutes we drove in almost total silence, passing various familiar business names along the way. Prague has skilled technical workers, making it another outsourcing capital. We passed a huge, modern building, all shiny with glass and metal, bearing Sun’s name. Further down the block, the same building bore Siemens’ name, prompting me to ponder whether or not it was to see these two as conjoined twins.

Now at the hotel, I have a spartan room in which to shower. Later, perhaps some sight-seeing. Tomorrow, off to the mountains and the conference.


One Response

  1. Ted, that huge, modern building actually belongs to Siemens, Sun has only rented its part from them 🙂
    But I think they no longed occupy it, since they’ve decided to expand their development centre in Prague significantly, they’ve moved recently into even large and more modern place somewhere at the outskirts of the city.
    Oh well, Prague becomes centre of cheap developer workforce 😉

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