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Upcoming Speaking Events

Sopwith Camel schematic (from Wikipedia)Barnstormer?
In a response to my defense of Tux, one W. A. Gerrard described me as a “barnstormer.” To make sure he was not calling me a reckless kook who makes public spectacle playing with rickety flying machines, I had to look up the term. It turns out that the term can mean, “an actor who travels around the country presenting plays,” and, “a pilot who travels around the country giving exhibits of stunt flying and parachuting.” I suppose that it’s a fair term for someone who flies to different places to share technology.

Speaking Events
So where am I taking the Sopwith Camel next?

Ohio Sep 30
I have put in a late bid to speak at Ohio LinuxFest. (With many thanks to Jorge Castro for advocating my bid to speak there.)

Idaho Oct 10
James Johnatakis, a colleague from my pre-Novell days, has invited me to present at the inaugural meeting of…wait for it…IdaNAG. (That’s Idaho Network Administrators Group. You may now commence crafting the snappy comebacks.) IdaNAG has not put up their website, so I will add details as soon as James provides them to me.

Silicon Valley/Bay Area Oct 11
The Novell Oakland/Bay Area Users Group (that’s NOBUG) has invited me to their SUSE Linux “Load Fest” in Fremont. I hope to share a whole bunch of cool stuff that you can do on SUSE platforms. Thanks go to Allan Hurst, member of the NUI board of directors and longtime Novell advocate in the Bay Area, for inviting me.

Other Engagements
I’m working on LinuxWorld London, Socal Linux Expo, and BrainShare. (Will we do “live” recordings Novell Open Audio at any of these? I hope so!)

To track where I’ll be at different times, I have created a new Speaking Events page, which you can find on the right-side nav of my blog.

And, as always, user groups can request me through NUI (Brent Sharp and Javier Camano presiding), or contacting me directly as “thaeger” in the novell commercial domain.


4 Responses

  1. The people demand to see Ted in New York City!

  2. Hey, it was intended as a compliment. 🙂

    Barnstorming pilots flew around the country in the 1920’s and ’30’s giving exhibitions of aircraft dairing-do. They were instrumental in the popularization and acceptance of aviation.

    As for the naming bit, well, a rose really is a rose, but some people will always look at the packaging instead of the flower.

  3. Luis:
    I always thought of you as a man of the people. 🙂 LWE is coming to your hood…but I wish there were a less corporate event to hit instead.

    Indeed, taken as such.

  4. Ted: yeah… unfortunately all the NYC LUGS are clinically insane, and CU doesn’t have a LUG of its own that I can take over. Ah well.

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