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A “Slightly Alcoholic Jet-setter”: Insights on Novell Open Audio

Recently, there have been a couple interesting commentaries about Novell Open Audio from some of our listeners.

  • The first I want to share is from David Harrison in New Zealand. It aligns well with where I think we are with the show, and the Novell community program in general. I serendipitously discovered this review as I started preparing materials for an upcoming review of Novell’s community efforts with Novell’s Chief Marketing Officer, John Dragoon–a really solid guy to whom I feel I can speak very franky.
  • The second is from Tony Whitmore. While I don’t feel it’s as dead-on as Harrison’s more thorough assay, some of Whitmore’s questions align with Harrison’s and a few others I have spoken with directly.

While I am outwardly a consummate advocate for Novell, and I am pleased with what we’re accomplishing through efforts like Novell Open Audio, critical assessment of myself and the show are a constant part of the back end process. How do we tune this thing to make it better for people? In what areas are we still underdelivering? How can we increase transparency and interaction? These are the kinds of questions I regularly mull over. While reviews like Harrision’s–and even Whitmore’s–may contain sharp critique, they provide a lot of insights and ideas on how we can continure improve Novell.

Even if you’re not a regular blogger, feedback sent to openaudio at novell dot com or through our current listener survey helps, too.

Finally, at the request of a couple readers (Liquidat, KoOlLiNuS), I have a series of posts in development about the Novell community program and how I think we are progressing. If you have specific areas you want me to cover, please leave a comment.

3 Responses

  1. The fact there are minimal comments might be a discouragement to the Novell employees posting, but I would like to encourage this initiative. There are hopefully people like me that regularly check this blog but just didn’t get a chance yet to respond. Please don’t stop or slow down, this tool is probably one of the most effective communication medium to the forward looking customer.

  2. I would agree with this. I have evangelizi ng Novell Open Audio to all that I run into.

  3. Novell Open Audio on the state of iFolder

    Ted Haegar of Novell Open Audio fame is doing a great job addressing some of the points I raised earlier this year about the podcast. Not only is he managing to keep up his jet-setting lifestyle but in between jaunts to all four corners of the world he is

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