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OpenSUSE about to overtake Ubuntu on Distrowatch (7 Day HPD Chart)

openSUSEWhile a 7-day stat may not sustain, this is nice to see!

Please give it a digg!

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5 Responses

  1. It only comes to prove that while Ubuntu spreads quickly, so does the lizard! It was nice to see it the other day.

  2. Digg, schmig. Hit Distrowatch and get the number up!


  3. Ha, trying to create a self-fullfilling prophecy. It has not worked yet.

    I don’t know openSUSE’s schedule, but think Ubuntu downloads will not be near their peaks at this time in the release cycle.

  4. FW (3):
    “trying to create a self-fullfilling prophecy”
    I really don’t expect SUSE to pass Ubuntu for any sustained period. Ubuntu has a flourishing army of adherents. They have done extremely well in building that. Nevertheless, SUSE adhrents take a lot of pride in their distro and it’s popularity, too, and I’m all for encouraging that spirit.

  5. Competition is good to see.. this will speed up fine tuning of Linux for Desktops and as a whole good for Linux. 🙂

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