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GroupWise Administrators Reference Quick Start Card

If you manage GroupWise, check out BrainStorm’s new free (as in gratis) GroupWise Administrators Reference. ‘Nuff said.


5 Responses

  1. The expression is “free as in beer”, Sparky.

  2. Mike:
    Nope. I definitely meant gratis. The precision of “free, as in beer” has been blunted a bit with the recent debut of Free Beer.

    I would boast liberally about how you fell for my ingenious linguistic troll-trap, but you seem to have directly addressed you comment to my wife, nicknamed Sparky. I will make sure to notify her of your erroneous comment.

  3. He calls his Wife .. Sparky … I guess because she lights up his Life … Hmmm Free Beer. Something to get brewed for next Horsham Beer Festival I reckon. He said shamelessly spamming the comments with a mention of the local Beer festival.

    Anyway .. back to a better question . How will Novell rebrand and repromote Groupwise in order for people to realise its not the product they last encountered ! or is that redundant ?

  4. why not post this item in GroupWise too ? gratis is btw dutch too.

  5. Kewl beans… thanx for this tip TED, just ordered mine. Gratis is always good :->

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