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Changes for Novell Open Audio

This coming week, we hope to roll out a new site for hosting Novell Open Audio. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re really eager for the update. The primary change is that the site will now be hosted using WordPress, which allows us to shorten the distance between us and our listeners (which is an ongoing goal for the NOA team).

Benefits from the change:

  • Faster posting of new materials
    The new site gives Erin, Mike and me direct control of the Novell Open Audio site, which means that we can post new episodes much more easily, as well as update other features.
  • Open Listener Feedback
    I have always been able to review listener comments, but unfortunately, listeners don’t get to see others’ feedback, and we have not been able to respond to anonymous feedback. Now we can have direct interaction as an open process.
  • Tough Questions & Upcoming Interviews
    Our upcoming interviews will now be an RSS feed, so our more avid listeners can subscribe to the feed through their favorite feed aggregator. Also, because each upcoming interview announcement will essentially be a blog entry, listeners will be able to post their desired questions directly on the announcement, and we will be able to flag which ones we will use in the interview.
  • Categories
    We also get the use of categories for different episodes, which will allow us to tag each episode with topics that are covered in it. So, if you love “News from Support” or “iFolder,” you will be able to see all episodes that we have filed in that category. Each category will also be a feed, allowing people to subscribe to sub-feeds. We still don’t have listener tagging yet, but it is something that we would like to do in the future.
  • Search
    Another cool thing is a search tool that is exclusively confined to the Novell Open Audio site, allowing listeners to find, for example, any show that includes the text “Martin Buckley.” (At some point we want to get transcriptions and make them searchable.)
  • Topic Requests
    I hope to add a “Requested Topics” page on which we can keep a public record of what our listener community wants us to cover, and where people can request new topics.
  • Better Layout
    Lastly, I have not been happy with the layout of the Novell Open Audio site. Mostly, it’s getting at the archives. This will be made much better in WordPress’ format.

Tell me your thoughts on these changes. What do we need to add?


10 Responses

  1. Will you be looking at changing the url? There are a few available that could be better suited, and would enable you to get an almost independant image.

    Would you be looking at forums as well ( a la LUGRadio)?

    Just a thought, either way I look forward to the new image.

  2. Faster posting of new materials


    This is what we look forward to. Thanks for the hard work and excellent stuff in the Connection Magazine……

  3. Wafaa (1):
    We have considered forums, but so far have not had a feeling as to how many would use them. Would you? I’d love to know your thoughts on how we could put them to work.
    Tell me more about your thoughts on the URL. The appearance of being independent is not really something we want to create. It would seem to me semi-dishonest to represent the show that way. Also, if the show is good, we really want it to make Novell look good.
    thaeger AT novell DOT com

    Normie (2):
    Hey, good to see you in Ohio. Thanks for driving the whole family out, too!


  4. Sounds good. Looking forward to the changes. Would be nice to have a section on “Motorala E815 Features when used with GroupWise Mobile Server”

  5. Will the Novell Open Audio site leverage Novell’s iChain/Novell Access Manager to track listener feedback? That way those of us who have Novell.com accounts can use that to login and post comments.

  6. Ok, one more comment since I just finished a huge discussion based upon PartnerNet 2007.

    Novell Open Audio is HUGE. I find it hard to believe when I mention it to my customers and fellow techies that they have not yet experienced Reverend Ted and his team. Once I point them in that direction everyone replies with how awesome the matierial is. They also mention Ted as being the heart and sole of Novell and SUSE Linux!

    Now that EVERYONE is beginning to understand podcasts, wikis, blogs and they are utilizing this technology for their education and benefit you can now (continue to)embrace the newbies. Heck, I am a Linux newbie myself but I am sold on Novell’s current and future vision based upon SUSE Linux and Open Source technology. I hope that Novell Open Audio helps all of us understand really how easy it is to intregrate SUSE Linux and Open Source into our environment. I hope that there continues to be a balance between super technical stuff and, “Look how easy it is.” My research and outreach returns the fact that people just didn’t know. Once we show them, most jump right on board and our upgrades, patches, migrations and POC’s begin to book our calendars! All of us can go to Little League double headers and know that our networks are stable and secure. Until next time!


    Norm O’Neal
    “Like Ted said, “I did it all for the NUGI.”

  7. Will the move to the new site finally address some of the unanswered questions that the “Funny Little Men Behind the Curtain” posed during some of the early episodes?

    For those new to NOA you’ll have to go back and listen to the early episodes to know what I’m referring to.

    Oh, more thing…. the move to a WordPress site is a good but still…. NOT ENOUGH COWBELL!

    Jon Strickland

  8. Jonny-boy (5):
    Rephrasing your question, it’s essentially: “if I have a Novell Login account, will the new site for Novell Open Audio use the same login?”
    Immediate answer: No. I checked in with Mike the Audio Guy (who doubles on Web), and he said that it won’t at the time we roll out.
    Longer-term answer: I sure hope so. It really depends on what it takes to front-end WordPress with Novell Access Manager. That’s something that MTAG and Jared Nyland will be investigating.

  9. Hmmmm. Sounds like the making of a good AppNote, if MTAG and Jared can get it working. I’m sure there’s a few companies dabbling in blogs that would like to directory enable their WordPress sites. ­čÖé

  10. […] ┼éatwiejszego kontaktu ze s┼éuchaczami. Wi─Öcej informacji znajduje si─Ö w blogu na stronie┬á https://reverendted.wordpress.com. Projekt Novell Open […]

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