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NOBUG “Load Fest”

That would be Novell Oakland BayArea Users Group. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to re-blog that I would be here, so I’ll take the opportunity to point out that I have an “Events” item on the right nav, which shows the various events I will be at.

Anyway, we’re installing some SUSE Linux here tonight. 😉


5 Responses

  1. Hey Ted,

    Never mind that, when will the SLED10 decal kits become available?!



  2. Chris some of us have been asking Ted that since SLED 10 was still in beta, and we’re still waiting on an answer. 🙂

    Some readers are probably also wondering whatever became of the Redmund Artistic Recycling Project that was started when the NLD9 decal kits came out. http://www.novell.com/products/desktop/decalkit.html

  3. Any comments from anybody about Ray Boorda’s passing? He was Novell CEO from 86-93, and obviously pivotal. What can you for publication about his contributions and what it has meant to Novell today? What might have been done differently?


  4. Chris, Jon (2,3):
    Funny thing about the Redmund Artistic Recycling Project. I just started a blog post about that…

  5. Matt (3):
    I came to Novell a couple CEO’s after Noorda left. Despite his being a major force in the Utah tech economy, I never met him. If he had never existed, I would never have gotten into NetWare (which somehow lead me into into one of the best jobs in the IT business), but anything that I could add beyond that would merely repeat information that already exists on him.

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