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NOA: Novell Access Manager

Lo and behold, the latest edition of Novell Open Audio has an extended interview (38 minutes) on Novell Access Manager.

In the course of the next month or two, we plan to do 3 or 4 more shows that go in depth into some of the major features of Novell Access Manager.

Tell me what things about Access Manager that you want us to cover. Post “tough questions” either by commenting here or to openaudio@novell.dottie-dot-dot.com.

Listener Survey Results
Sorry for the delay on the Listener Survey Results episode. We will release it tomorrow.

(We may even get out another edition this Friday. Consider it “October Flood Week,” a tradition that will likely happen every year until the end of 2006.)


3 Responses

  1. […] Original post by Ted Haeger and reblogged using an RSS aggregator at The Identity Gang BlogReGator […]

  2. Yesterday evening I was listening to the podcast and I found it very, very interesting. Lee is a good speaker ane he gave some very useful information regarding AM3. I especially liked the real-life examples he gave, for instance the IDM3/AM3 combination. I would love to know / hear some more about that.

  3. Loved the access manager interview. I think this product is going to be a very very strong offering, and am excited to get into it. I do see a couple of glaring weaknesses, especially in the SSL VPN piece. I wonder whether this stuff is going to be addressed somewhere in the road-map:

    1)Having the SSL VPN is great, great, great … but once you have a vpn connection, one of the things people are going to want to do is retrieve/view/open attachments in email and files from file systems. And, as soon as you do that, the user leaves a “footprint” behind on the potentially rogue workstation. Potentially huge security issue. Aventail has an SSL VPN appliance that is able to track and clean-up the remains of a session. And, even if the session crashes, there is no accessible info left behind (it is all encrypted in a blob. To my mind, AM needs this

    2)the workstation testing seems weak: we should be able to test workstations for a large and flexible number of factors, including current dat files for anti-virus programs, etc … the testing is kind of clunky and inflexible.

    Any chance of seeing this functionality is the future?

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