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San Francisco, Oracle OpenWorld

I’m at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this week, pimping desktop Linux goodness. How does desktop Linux fit at an Oracle show? Pretty well, judging by the audiences we have been gathering.

If you’re at the conference and you want to talk with me about anything related to Novell or desktop Linux, swing by Novell’s booth and hello me.


3 Responses

  1. Ted, try “The Stinking Rose” restaurant while you’re in SF. It’s a garlic restaurant, good food, and not “too garlicy”

  2. Thanks, Mike. I’ve been to the Stinking Rose numerous times. SF used to be my sales territory when I was a Novell SE. But North Beach has a lot of Italian restaurants, many with food that is more compatible with the up close interactions trade show booth. 😉

  3. The next time you are at Moscone and if you’re not too busy dodging salads you should stop by Tres Agaves for a margarita or four. 130 Townsend, near the ballpark.

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