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Automate Banshee Updates

[Update 24DEC06: These instructions are now out of date because the always Mighty Aaron Bockover has integrated with openSUSE.org Build Service, and now openSUSE.org directly hosts the Banshee repositories. For updated instructions on how to use these, please consult the “Banshee and SUSE Linux” page that Aaron and I co-wrote on the Banshee project site.]

Old Article

Banshee Logo

Okay, time to finish off the “How to Update Banshee” posts. The Mighty Aaron Bockover has put up a repository for SLED10 and another for openSUSE 10.2 (openSUSE 10.2 is still being developed).


  • If you followed my previous steps on buidling banshee from source, you have to uninstall all the packages before adding these. This is as easy as using “sudo make uninstall ” on each of the source folders from which you previously did the install, but going in reverse order. (If you did not save the source install folders, then you have a bigger problem–same as a couple of my systems–that I have yet to work out how to fix.)
  • Remember that on SLED10 this is not officially supported by Novell, so this is not for production deployments.


1. Add the Banshee Update Repository to your Update Lists
Add Banshee Installation Repository

  1. Start YaST2, and open the “Installation Source” tool
  2. Add a new HTTP installation source
  3. In “Server Name,” enter “dist.banshee-project.org”
  4. In “Directory on Server” enter “SLED-10/”
  5. Click OK
  6. Import the crypto certificate when presented
  7. Click Finish to close and save the added repository

(click the thumbnail at right to see interfaces)

2. Banshee PackagesSelect the Banshee packages to Install/Update

  1. Start YaST2, and open the “Software Management” tool
  2. Select the following packages to Install or Update
    1. banshee
    2. banshee-engine-gst
    3. banshee-engine-helix
    4. banshee-plugins-DAAP
    5. banshee-plugins-default
    6. banshee-plugins-extra
    7. helix-dbus-server
    8. libipoddevice
    9. ipod-sharp

(click the thumbnail at right to see interfaces)

Technical Issues

  1. Main menu often locks up after installing the packages.
  2. Banshee start up does not complete on the first attempt.
  3. If you did my previous method for compiling banshee from source, Banshee may crash on each subsequent starts.
  4. Others? Please comment below.

5 Responses

  1. Didn’t do the previous method for compiling banshee from source. Banshee crashes any time I try to play a file in my music library.

  2. I had this problem too but it disappeared when I removed the banshee-plugins-extra. Unfortunately this means that I can’t use the podcast plugin. I’m using openSUSE 10.2.

  3. I added the SLED 10 repo ( http://dist.banshee-project.org/SLED-10/ ) and updated to 0.11.2-0.1. My mp3 files play okay but I cannot play my m4a (unprotected) audio files. It recognizes them and has the correct ID3 tags but nothing happens when I click play. Any ideas how to troubleshoot it?

  4. Any advice on how to update to 0.11.3 on sled 10. I get erorrs that Yast can not find the correct banshee-helix-engine.
    I have many mp3’s and as far as I can tell that is the way to get access to them.
    BTY- the sources have changed

  5. Tim [4]:
    Sorry for the long moderation period on your question. At the top of this entry, I provide an 24Dec06 update linking to the page Aaron and I set up on the Banshee project wiki. That page has information from Aaron Bockover about how the Helix engine updates happen. Essentially, Helix releases do not match the fast pace of Banshee project. Real Networks’ current commitment to Novell is to provide updates to the Helix/RealPlayer backend only with new releases of our distros. So, you can fall back to the SLED10 versions, or there may be an off chance that the openSUSE 10.2 version may work on SLED10. (I have not tried that.)

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