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NOA: SUSE Labs and GCC

Okay, so no release last week. Stuff happens.

This week’s Novell Open Audio covers the GNU Compiler Collection, also known as GCC, and we finally get Erin to explain himself. Turns out that he still loves the Timex Sinclair.

Oh, and one other thing. I mastered this edition myself, so if the audio quality is notably better than some of our past editions (including the audio quality from a Nuremberg interview), then I would appreciate some comments that I can wave in front of Mike the Audio Guy’s nose and say, “See?!” And if not, you should still comment, since my whole goal in life is to get the audio issues past us.

Oh, and one other other thing. I got Audacity running on SLED10. Anyone interested in the how-to?


4 Responses

  1. Yep, post what you did. The packman repo has an RPM of 1.2.4b ( http://packman.links2linux.org/package/audacity ) and this site has 1.3.0b ( http://www.pcc-services.com/sled10_rpms.html ). I’ve tried neither but I will need the use of Audacity soon on my SLED box.

  2. Dang it, Shawn! You could have told me about those packages sooner.
    With a couple required packages from Packman, these installed perfectly.
    I’m equally resentful and grateful.

  3. Ted, as we prepare for NUGI Open Audio (November 13th – Episode 1) I was able to get Audacity working on SLED10 but the sound quality and interaction with my USB Headset was somewhat clugy…I am curious to hear what you guys have done. I am using a Thinkpad R51…Please keep in mind that the issue many be NORM and NOT SLED10.


  4. […] Oh, and one other other thing. I got Audacity … I like this article very much. you?Link to original article […]

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