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NOA: SLED Activations for Survey Respondents

If we have not yet said it enough yet, we really appreciate our Novell Open Audio listeners. So, when we conducted a recent listener survey, we wanted to reward all of the respondents with something cool. And since many of our listeners have expressed some desire, no, call it more of a craving, a yen–dare I say, even a lust–for a personal subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, we decided to give each and every respondent their very own SLED10 activation code.

We didn’t want non-listeners to pound us with responses that would essentially corrupt the survey results…we wanted to do this for our most avid listeners…so if you took the time to tell us what’s what on the survey–some 233 of you–then we now thank you by sending each of you an email containing a subscription activation for SLED10. (If you used a secondary or tertiary email address on the survey, be sure to check it over the next 24 hours or so.)

Meanwhile, in other news that is sure to be mostly eclipsed by other current events, the latest Novell Open Audio delivers on a topic that many have asked us to cover: Training options for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. Enjoy!


5 Responses

  1. Excuse me for a totally off-topic comment, but I am utterly disappointed with what your company did last night. I hope you can post a blog item which emobodies your perspective on this. I’ll keep an eye! *smile*

  2. Thanks!

    Does this lock you to a particular machine in any way? I might want to run SLED in a VM now, but on a physical machine later. Is this allowed by this year of updates?

  3. The Novell Customer Center and it’s registration service could care less how many times you use a service activation code. You’re completely within your rights to move it around as often as you want. You promise that if you purchase a service subscription for one system, that you use it for one physical system only (regardless of the number of virtual instances, etc.). Now, the Novell Customer Center does keep track of where you’ve installed and used your codes, but you can delete any invalid references.

  4. Thanks again for the activation code! 🙂

    Go NOA!

  5. Peter:
    Good question. I have asked Bryan Cardoza, the product manager for Novell Customer Center, to reply. I think you’re going to love his “did the right thing” answer.

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