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Novell Answers Questions

Novell has posted a new FAQ for the free software community. (I provided some help on identifying questions and drafting answers on this.)

There is also an accompanying press announcement: Novell Outlines Details of Agreement with Microsoft.

More on the way shortly…


3 Responses

  1. Great FAQ. Thanks for helping get this out, Ted. Hopefully the MS-haters masquerading as FOSS-advocates will have a bit less ammunition now.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  2. Supplemental reading:

    * Opensuse mailing lists

    The community does not seem to fully agree or believe. I hope that more press releases will follow. Too many questions, e.g.:

    Details of Novell-MS Pact – The SEC filing – Updated

    ,—-[ Quote ]
    | Just realized the full significance. Novell here is stepping outside
    | the line of fire and agreeing with Microsoft that *end users* are
    | the ones that you must go after in any patent infringement dispute.
    | Shades of SCOsource. Thanks for nothing, Novell. More questions:
    | When were Novell SUSE customers asked if they wished Novell to
    | negotiate a agreement with Microsoft on their behalf? When were
    | Novell SUSE customers asked about the terms of said agreement?W
    | hat consideration does Microsoft get from Novell’s customers?
    | Does negotiating this agreement on Novell’s customers’ behalf
    | indicate that Novell assumed Power of Attorney for their customers
    | in this matter? Did Novell truly represent the best interest of
    | their customers using Power of Attorney? Can Novell legally assume
    | Power of Attorney for their customers without a written grant? Do
    | Novell customers have the ability to “opt-out” of this agreement?
    | Is this agreement binding on customers?


    Details still fuzzy on Microsoft-Novell pact

    ,—-[ Quote ]
    | What, exactly, is covered by Microsoft?s $108 million and Novell’s
    | $40 million patent payments to each other? What did each company
    | know/see/fear that spurred these payoffs? Inquiring minds want
    | to know more.


  3. lemme try that again… i’m confused by this.. Novell Outlines Details of Agreement with Microsoft… how does one outline details? you eith have an ouline, or you have details.

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