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Hovsepian Interview Now Online

Hovsepian interview now online.

More later.


7 Responses

  1. Ted, thanks for making this happen. It’s one thing to read a FAQ web page and follow-up press release but I think hearing someone respond to questions from Novell’s customers and the open source community means more to folks.

  2. Good job Ted. Looking forward to the follow-ups with Nat 🙂

  3. Ted, I appreciate the effort. I really think I jumped the gun on this whole thing myself. I’m willing to admit it. I’m still uneasy about the whole situation, but after reading some more about this, going back and forth with some community members on the Novell forums, listening to the pod cast, and talking to some Novell employees at a seminar yesterday, I’ve stepped back on my original “upset” position.

    I have to admit, I did get a kick out of my question being brought up on the latest NOA and even a blurb from my site getting worked in, even if they were negative in nature.

    Keep up the good work Ted.

  4. I find the density of the word “customer” worrisome.

  5. Novell and Microsoft, Part 4

    Yesterday evening, Ted Haeger released his latest Novell Open Audio podcast in which he puts some of the community’s questions to the Novell CEO and General Counsel.

    All the work that will be done be…

  6. Go Stephen. http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS4287912423.html

    My 2c. Get over it. This is a good deal. Start thinking like a customer instead of a Linux bigots.

    I would be quite happy paying for a proprietary Adobe Photoshop to run on my Suse Linux desktop.

    I am certain most companies think this way. Give us a solution that delivers the value and the functionality, if we get some of it for free, that’s great.

  7. You asked excellent, frank questions, and they did an excellent job of providing spin. I know it was spin because it bored me sick. It was hypnotic and nearly content-less. How many ways are there to say “the customers demanded interoperability” and “we will continue to compete with MS? Makes them sound like they are already worrying about anti-trust situations.

    There’s a lot of speculation out there about the REAL reasons Novell made this deal. Most of these reasons make sense and are not shameful. The execs were almost certainly doing what they thought would be best for the company.

    It would greatly increase my trust in these guys if they told us the whole truth about the deal. THAT would align them with the Open Source community, where “open” means no closed doors, no secret meetings, no spin. If they want to stop smelling like Microsoft they need to start airing out their laundry.

    Do you think there is any way you can encourage them to do that?

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