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Novell Open Audio: Live at BrainShare?

We’re considering doing a couple “Live” shows for Novell Open Audio at Novell BrainShare 2007.
Two questions for our listeners: Should we? And if so, who do you want us to interview?

I’ll post a little more about some of my BrainShare plans coming up soon. (Apologies about the blog silence, BTW. My life beyond Novell has been a bit tumultuous lately.) If you’re interested in registering for BrainShare, click here.


11 Responses

  1. 1) Yes.

    2) Interview? Perhaps get your CEO on the mike, that’d be fun. I assume Novell will be promoting things (OES 2? New ZEN?) and it might be good to talk with the movers and shakers in those worlds. Also, you could do some man on the street reporting, just ask random show participants questions, and edit together the best stuff.

  2. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t convince the bosses for a brain share trip. Maybe next year.

    Good luck with everything outside of Novell.

  3. Interview? OES 2 for sure, GroupWise futures, ZENworks for Servers? Noone ever wants to discuss ZFS in detail….Maybe, “Inside Novell Open Audio.” That would be cool. Thanks Ted. I hope all is well. See you at Brainshare! -Norm

  4. Summaries of the event would be good. The past few years the live video feeds haven’t been too reliable to a daily wrap up at the end of each day would be appreciated.

  5. 1) HE double hockey sticks YES!!

    2) Three words for you, Jason Williams LIVE!! It’d be his first “live” NOA interview, but who’s counting? How about Laura Chappell? Her sessions have always been popular at BrainShare. Might be nice to get her perspective on how BrainShare has evolved over the years.

  6. Anthony T., hands down the best DSE and ZLM master.

  7. Maybe have a live group discussion with a few people from inside and outside Novell relating to open source topics. You might do something to appeal to folk outside the Novell Universe, but are part of the Open Source world. Also tech talk about OES v2, new ZEN, and GW.

  8. @Norm O’Neal

    When you look at ZfS, the next generation ZENworks will bring some change in the way we do Server Management, as such I don’t expect a lot of focus on the current ZSM version at BrainShare this year. I assume that a lot more info around this will follow at BrainShare and we’ll probably be posting lots of thing’s about our new release on Coolblogs as well ( http://www.novell.com/coolblogs ).
    If you would like to know more about ZfS “in detail”, feel free to ask for me at the lab. I’ll probably be there some time during the week and will definitely be there at meet the experts.


  9. Just a small update on my last post, it looks like I’ll be running a ZSM session together with Martin Irwin, so feel free to join that one and come up with your questions 🙂

  10. You guys should definitely talk more about OES2. Maybe also something with like Andreas Jaegar and OpenSuse 10.3 which should either be in Beta or close to it by March. If there is a SP1 on the horizon for SLED10 it would be nice to get a heads up on the fixes and improvements.

  11. […] Ted’s blog about Novell Open Audio at BrainShare […]

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