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Ted and Erin at “The Amazing Meeting”

Erin and I are hanging out this week at an event called “The Amazing Meeting,” the annual conference of the James Randi Educational Foundation, held in Las Vegas. The conference has nothing to do with our work at Novell–both Erin and I are extremely interested in the scientific world view, and this is our third year attending the conference. Headliners this year are South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

If any NOA listeners happen to be attending the event, or if you are in the Las Vegas area, please contact us to tell us hello. We’ll be seeking out some kind of Mediterranean or Middle-eastern food this evening, too.


One Response

  1. Swines, it was you guys who switched me onto Skepticality the podcast, now you seem to be going to all the best meetings.

    Whatever did happen to that list of podcasts we discussed at LUG Radio Live?

    Anyway I figure you guys are just “Mormomed out”, scared to admit it in Utah, and just needed to go somewhere with a lack of spiritual solace. Las Vegas should do the trick.

    I’ll go back to my copy of “Doubt: A history” by Dr Hecht, and the hot lemon and honey.

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