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Facts and Stats about Novell Open Audio

Occasionally, people ask me to share some “behind the scenes” information about Novell Open Audio. When this happens, I typically point out that the podcast is 100% audio and doesn’t actually have “scenes,” and please may I have some of whatever it is that you are taking before listening to the show. Once the look of confusion progresses through sudden understanding and finally on to irritated contempt, the person explains that they meant “details about NOA’s production process,” and would I please set aside any further attempts to be humorous. On to the point of this post…

Here are some Novell Open Audio listenership facts and fabrications:
(We started tracking these numbers in late August, 2006.)

Ordered list of listenership by country (count of total unique downloads of all episodes for that country):

  1. United States (30,240)
  2. United Kingdom (4,384)
  3. Australia (2,161)
  4. Canada (2,146)
  5. Germany (1,400)
  6. Netherlands (1,166)
  7. Sweden (913)
  8. Denmark (704)
  9. Slovakia (Slovak Republic) (512)
  10. UNKNOWN (438)
  11. Belgium (389)
  12. Spain (398)
  13. France (396)
  14. Austria (410)
  15. Poland (321)
  16. China (304)
  17. Finland (260)
  18. New Zealand (244)
  19. Japan (224)
  20. Norway (218)
  21. Other Countries (2,804)

A map of that looks kind of like this:

Interesting Extrapolations from this Data:

  • Excepting the huge number of listeners from the United States, most of our listeners are from English-speaking countries. Weird.
  • The LugRadio Boys Are a Bunch of SchnooksSpeaking of England–we were, weren’t we?–the second highest listening country is the United Kingdom. We blame this on my misguided friendship with the blokes (that’s Limey-talk for “dudes”) at LugRadio.
  • If you look at last.fm‘s “Similar Artists” pane on the Novell Open Audio page, LugRadio is closest associated to us. Likewise, LugRadio’s page has NOA on top of their list. (Army of Darkness fans take note: we’re the “Good Ash.” Just look the maturity rating in iTunes.)
  • In New Zealand, there are more sheep who listen to Novell Open Audio than people.
  • This just in: The Novell Open Audio team of Livestock Affairs–please do not investigate why we had to set up that department!–informs us that sheep seldom listen to people at all. Go figure.
  • By an overwhelming majority, the Gentoo community finds me to be morally and ethically superior to my Canonical-fed counterpart, Jono Bacon. For my next challenge, I take on another vile household pest, the common cockroach.
  • With a few dozen episodes released since we started counting, we have only 999,999,921 listeners to go before we have completely conquered China!
  • You’re next, India!
  • Netherlands is 6th on the list, but #1 in our hearts.
  • I am not sure what country was formerly called K.N.O.W.N., and it’s certainly distressing to know that the country that made tenth on our list has been taken over by the United Nations. Free K.N.O.W.N. from a coup by those who would claim themselves the world government, I say. Free K.N.O.W.N.!

6 Responses

  1. As you didn’t answer my mail, I guess I have to retract everything I said earlier about you and Jono B. You have been warned!


  2. 2. O Great Suka: I never received your mail. Or, it’s possible that in the current wave of “Your password has been reset” spam that is somehow slipping through Novell’s anti-spam system, I inadvertently killed your message with the hundreds of others. Forgive me, I know not what I have done. –T

  3. Deeply moved by this greatness of yours, I accept your lovely apology and dare to resend my mail. May the gods of spam have a better fortune for it this time.

  4. Australia has a population about the half as much again as Greater London.

    As such it is Australia and New Zealand where you are popular on a per capita basis, in the English speaking world.

    I put your lack of popularity in England, down to your association with dubious LUG radio types who swear too much, and live in Wolverhampton.

    You guys need to work on China, India, Brazil and Indonesia, all of whom probably have more people who speak English “well enough” than Australia does.

    Rumors that Sweden is really an English speaking country are greatly exaggerated. I’ve never met a moose yet which could speak English.

  5. “please set aside any further attempts to be humorous.”

    You didn’t mention your thousandth show… wonder why?

  6. Wandering amongst the giants of the lINUX word, like to know how I can get my sound card to work with SUSE LINUX 64bit. Apparently I am on the bleeding edge of technology here. I double loaded my system with (forgive me) Windows VISTA Ultimate and sound is GREAT. Now LINUX….nothing. Did some feeble attempts to load a driver however cannot find the listing for Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio, and all I wanted to do is listen to frozen-bubble music. Any one out there, and please know, I am gnome walking amongst giants, so please tread gently (I might even give up windows if I get full multimedia going….)

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