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Jono Bacon Has Been Mauled by a Bear!!

grizzly.jpgActually, it’s almost like Jono has been mauled by a bear…

Jono Bacon is doing a fundraiser for charity. Essentially, he will be single-handedly creating an album in a 24 hour period. He’ll compose and play all instruments (drums, bass, guitar, etc.) in this effort. The whole process will be video web-streamed, too.

I am pleased to announce that I am the first contributor to this cause (50 Pounds, or nearly $100) . But those who know me well enough know that I am very much the type who slows down for traffic accidents. This noble act could be horribly embarrassing for Jono, and my thoughts are with him right now…willing him to commit some kind of horrendous faux pas.

I endorse this charity and encourage you to join in on the fun.

[Note: The original title for this post was going to be “Jono Bacon Killed in Trainwreck!!” but I realized that if it really were to happen, I would feel horrible. But mauled by a bear? That’s much more fitting, yet very unlikely, to befall His Baconhood.]


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