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“Will it Blend” for Novell?

They blended a bunch of mobile phones. They blended glow sticks. They even blended an iPod! So when Novell’s on-staff video producer Russ Dastrup said, “Let’s go to Blendtec and make a BrainShare video!” Erin Quill and I didn’t hesitate.

Here’s Russ basking in the warm glow of the Blendtec glitz. (Cheese is the name of the game at Blendtec world headquarters.)

How about one of those cheesy double-hand points, Russ? That’s it!

Tom Dickson, CEO of Blentec, is an engineer at heart. He invented the blender, made it with a vacuum cleaner engine. Here’s Erin and Tom with the blender full of–

Hey! Why can’t we see what they were blending?!

Is Tom getting kind of creepy with Erin?

And here’s me with my new engineer friend Tom.

Ted with Tom from Blendtec

So what, then, did three dudes from Novell take to Blendtec? Some things are not meant to be found out…until BrainShare.


8 Responses

  1. Hahaha, awesome!

  2. I think I know what it is–what’s the prize for getting it right?

  3. Mike [1}:
    🙂 If you guess it right, you get an email from me saying, “Keep it quiet, pal!” and you get your comment sternly deleted from my moderation queue.:)

  4. Fine–my guess is it’s a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, perhaps the Signature edition, but I can’t really tell that.

  5. Blend me a @$!*&!, Reverend.

    Serve it over ice with a twist of lime.

  6. Congrats, Ted- you’ve done the impossible and made me look forward to Brainshare. 🙂

  7. […] video producer Russ Dastrup is cranking away at the BrainShare videos. I previously mentioned that we have a “Will it Blend?” video set for Monday, but Russ is cooking up a couple […]

  8. […] for Novell Filed under: Novell, Events — Ted Haeger @ 10:00 am A couple weeks ago, I posted about the filming of the “Will it Blend?” video that we made for BrainShare. This morning, Ron Hovsepian unveiled the finished product during his […]

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