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Show Us Your Rack!

So begins my “Show Us Your Rack” blog campaign…

If you run SUSE Linux or Novell software in your data center, then you probably have at least one fine looking rack of servers to show off. So, if you have a great rack, email a picture or two to share on this here blog to thaeger at novell dot com.

For example, the following pictures come from our friend Norm O’Neal in Indianapolis who shares with us a nice rack located in the Data Center at Southwest Allen County Schools in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Enter the Data Center

Above: Right over there on the left we get to see some nice racks. And, check out the logos! That’s what I’m talking about.

Below: So who sports this nice rack? Director of IT, Mr. Mark East (on right) and resident ZEN Master, Byron Gerber. Nice rack, guys! And I dig that big N on the wall.

Dudes with Racks

Remember “Show Us Your Can?”My apologies to 7up.

It’s a delicious beverage.


7 Responses

  1. I hear there a couple of nice racks at Novell…. any chance we can get a view ?

  2. nice campaign 🙂

    no Novell here, but some nice racks anyways:

  3. Emulab at the University of Utah is impressive. This is my favorite http://www.emulab.net/gallery/full/46-cluster_back2.jpg

    but you should see the whole set: http://www.emulab.net/gallery/gallery.php3

  4. Love the idea. I’m ashamed to show off our server room. I need to do some reorganizing before I dare put a picture on the internet(s)!

  5. Hi Ted,

    One thing that would be nice, some pictures of the superlab, maybe with some info around it on what we do in the superlab and some nice details around it (electricity usage of the airconditioning etc 😉 )

    Could be a nice item for openaudio as well, don’t think people realize what we’ve got running there


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