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US DOT Bans Windows Vista

In case you missed this, the US Department of Transportation has rejected Windows Vista and is considering alternate desktop environments including MacOS and Linux.

Quothe the Rev: “Bwuh huh huh ha haaa!” 


6 Responses

  1. sweeeet! this makes me rethink vista on my dell inspirion 🙂

    sled 10 wont work on my dell opensuse is for me 🙂

  2. In other news..

    FAA May Ditch Microsoft’s Windows Vista And Office For Google And Linux Combo


  3. First the Department of Transportation next will be the FAA then Boeing then the world ah ha ha ha!!!!!

  4. They are also testing SUSE Linux.

  5. You have to question whether the issue is with Windows itself or the legacy apps and systems that DOT is (probably) still using.

  6. Lite [5]:
    If an OS doesn’t run the legacy applications that an organization requires, does that mean that the apps or the organization are wrong? I would offer that Vista was rejected for a business reason.

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