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BrainShare Backstage: Monday Demo Preparations

In Salt Lake City, the Novell demo monkeys are feverishly laying down the final touches on their demos for the Monday general session.

Jason Williams and Kevin James Smith rolled in last night and got their Open Enterprise Server demos all set up. They’re sure to please the NetWare faithful.

Kevin Smith on left, Jason Williams on Right

Novell video producer Russ Dastrup is cranking away at the BrainShare videos. I previously mentioned that we have a “Will it Blend?” video set for Monday, but Russ is cooking up a couple other fun videos in his backstage kitchen.

Russ the video guy

Tonight, Guy Lunardi showed up with the mastermind behind Desktop Effects, David Reveman. Together they are assembling a killer demo of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop that Nat Friedman and Guy will present. Their mission: to blow the doors off last year’s uber-demo. With Reveman on hand, I expect no less.

Guy Lunardi on left, David Reveman on right


8 Responses

  1. […] March 16th, 2007 by Ted Haeger   Del.icio.us (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … In Salt Lake City, the Novell demo monkeys are feverishly laying down the final touches on their demos for the Monday general session. (more…) […]

  2. “last years uber-demo”: You mean the one were everyone left the room accidentily before it started? ;p

    btw: will the Demo from Reveman / Lunardi / Friedman be on Monday or on Friday?

    cu soon (heading to my plane right now)

  3. Looks fantastic — wish I was there πŸ™‚

  4. I wish I could be there. However, I did just get finished watching a vBrainshare session. Kudos to Novell for providing this service for us unfortunate souls. It was the “IO101 Open Enterprise Server 2 Introduction, Overview and Futures” webcast. The information blew me away. This will be the distro that allows us to migrate away from NetWare.

  5. Thats Kevin smith…. not Kevin James…

  6. ?????? [5]: You are so right! That’s a tad embarrassing,eh? I had dinner with Kevin James on Friday night, and I can attest personally that Kevin Smith is a much kinder, gentler person around whom you hardly even need to watch your valuables. Kevin James, that complete lout, is an entirely different beast. πŸ™‚

  7. and he doesn’t have ginger hair πŸ˜‰

  8. Ah – but Kevin James is sooo much hotter

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