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Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?

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Apple’s “Get a Mac” Campaign
Always a branding powerhouse, Apple is a company whose television advertisements are usually excellent. Their recent Get a Mac campaign (“Hi, I’m a Mac / And I’m a PC”) certainly does not disappoint. At this point, the television commercial are very well known.

The campaign exemplifies the artfully clever use of “framing,” the selective control of information used to shape a viewer’s perception. A simple example is the term “tax relief.” If you have an anti-taxation agenda, “tax relief” is a much more powerful term than “tax cut” because it frames taxes as a burden from which people need relief. The term assumes its own premise and thereby frames our perception.

In the “Get a Mac” campaign, Apple frames an artificial dualism, and then re-enforces the dualism with powerful metaphors. The dualism frames two options: either you use a PC (understood to mean Windows) or a Mac. Those are your options.

To force the viewer’s decision, Apple uses the extremely dry-witted John Hodgman play the part of the PC as a bland-looking, frumpy businessman. They contrast Hodgman with a relaxed, young hipster-type in the role of the Mac. On seeing the commercial, it’s clear which guy you would rather be like. The archetypal roles portraying Mac and PC ring true to real life experience, which cleverly enforces the dualism Apple is pushing.

Kudo’s to Apple. The campaign is nothing short of brilliant advertising. It’s seemingly simple, and it’s fun and witty. It also sets up an understanding of the difference between Macs and PC’s that people readily accept.

Linux Riffs on the Theme
What with the popularity of the “Get a Mac” campaign, the inevitable spoofs are numerous. However, Apple’s advertising agency has created a veritable fortress of metaphor with these advertisements. The archetypes seem so accurate that it’s hard to get past the inherent truthiness of the original commercials. Most spoof attempts that I have seen have been pretty weak.

Linux as Tron? Too dorkyNaturally, various members of the Linux community have attempted to insert Linux into the original concept. After all, it is clear that Apple means “Windows” when they say “PC,” so how would Linux fit in this arena? Despite many attempts, I have yet to see one that really makes Linux actually look good.

One popular spoof shows Linux in a Tron costume. But this re-inforces the idea that Linux is strictly for nerdy bit-heads. And even though I myself may have nerdy bit-head tendencies, I don’t think that having such an archetype for Linux is the best way to advance the broader acceptance of Linux (or of free software in general).

Is there a right way to bust apart the challenging fortress of metaphor that Apple has created with the “Get a Mac” campaign? With such a powerful dichotomy between the Mac and PC archetypes, is it even possible to insert Linux and have it come out on top?

To answer that question, I think we have to set aside how Linux may be perceived today and consider how we want Linux to be perceived. Too few people know that Linux even exists, and those that do often think that a Linux desktop is strictly for geeks. That stereotype is increasingly less accurate. Through the past couple of years, we have seen desktop Linux become increasingly more appealing. I won’t pretend to speak for Linux users everywhere (well, at least not this time), but personally I want people to think of Linux as the option that they really want. That means that Linux needs to be seen as appealing, confident and competent. Even–dare I say it?–sexy.

Novell’s Spoof Attempt
For Novell’s BrainShare conference this week, we decided to take a risk at trying to produce three videos that riff on the original campaign. I say its a risk because the “Get a Mac” campaign is starting to feel cliché. Perhaps even fatigued. But the risk of doing something that is already tired is nothing compared to getting the character for Linux right.

Novell’s AttemptThe problem with a well-established dualism like the Mac-PC one is that anything you try to add will seem like a third wheel. With a casual hipster dude playing the Mac and a stuffy public accountant-type playing PC, there doesn’t seem to be much room to insert Linux and have it come out on top. How do you break apart Apple’s seemingly unassailable dualism and re-frame the concept in favor of Linux?

Novell videographer Russ Dastrup, my colleague Clint Carroll, and I worked the concept over and over. What kind of guy should play Linux? How would the guy seem anything other than just some other dork when he’s pitted against the infernal coolness of the Mac character?

So we decided to turn the concept on its head. Why should the character have to be a dude? Aren’t we just re-inforcing stereotypes about the IT industry? There are too few women in technology, and they seldom get represented well. Additionally, what better way to set Apple’s two archetypes off balance? Face them with a confident and attractive woman, and suddenly they both look like hapless dorks. Mac’s appeal over PC vanishes and he becomes a kind of pathetic-looking slouch.

To make it work, we chose an actress who could be confident, but not overbearing or threatening. She is very attractive, yet still wholesome rather than too sultry. (We wanted sexy, but we did not want to wreck the concept by overdoing it.) And like Linux, she’s young, friendly, independent, and smart.

We also went for what I like to call “the Code Monkey Factor.” Code Monkey is Jonathan Coulton’s brilliant song about a downtrodden software developer who wistfully daydreams about the pretty receptionist at his office. Since there’s getting completely around how Information Technology is still largely male dominated, we wanted an actress who would not seem utterly unattainable. Instead, we wanted shot for an attractive woman that most guys would think they might have a chance at. (We asked her to remove the engagement ring for the filming.)

My new Linux FriendAll in all, it’s a balance that we hope to have struck right: representing Linux as sexy and confident, while avoiding sexual cliches that are degrading to women. While there may be some flaws in our execution (particularly how the third video throws out the people as computers metaphor altogether), overall I really hope that we managed to create a playful spoof that effectively subverts the “Mac vs Windows” framework that Apple has established with the “Get a Mac” campaign.

See Also: Mac-PC-Linux Spoofs: Why We Didn’t Say “SUSE Linux” and more

Links to the Hi-Res Novell Videos

  1. Meet Linux (.mpg) (.ogg)
  2. New Duds (.mpg) (.ogg)
  3. Running Linux (.mpg) (.ogg)


First video:

Second video:

Second video:

207 Responses

  1. Interesting, some time ago I tried to give an answer to that very question… how would a linux user fit?

    My answer is not based on some pretty model though… it’s not even a proper answer, given i’ve decided to ridicule the rules of the game…

    I’m myself, thanks 🙂

  2. […] In the “Get a Mac” campaign, Apple frames an artificial dualism, and then re-enforces the dualism with powerful metaphors. The dualism frames two options: either you use a PC (understood to mean Windows) or a Mac. Those are your options. (more…) […]

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  4. I was sceptical at first but the first spoof certainly has turned out nicely. It’s a winner!

    Nothing is worse than someone trying to make fun of something funny – without succeeding. Luckily, you’ve succeeded. Playing at that dry and admitted superb Apple style could gone awfully wrong.

    BTW, I want a date with Linux; I guess this is one of the wanted side-effects. What better way to introduce an OS to people who’ve never heard of it before?

  5. I’m pretty sure the Tron thing was not intended to put Linux in a good light 🙂

  6. Linux wouldn’t fit, at least not for the mainstream consumer desktop market.

    It hasn’t fit so far, and it won’t for a very, very long time…if ever. At least with respect to strong marketshare capture.

  7. Fantastic!!!!!!!!

  8. *chuckles*
    That is fairly cool, I must admit.

    I’m a cynical git too.

  9. […] Ted has written a nice post on where Linux fit in between the Windows vs Mac debate (with some cool video coming from Novell) >>>>>> […]

  10. […] Ted has written a nice post on where Linux fit in between the Windows vs Mac debate (with some cool video coming from Novell) >>>>>> […]

  11. I like the first one…but where’s the rest?

    Don’t keep us hangin, bro!

  12. I must admit, seeing the Linux person was surprising and funny. and the SUSE green sweater was a nice touch.

  13. What license is this video released under? I’d like to share it with friends but don’t want to if the license doesn’t support it.

  14. The best character for Linux would be the inconspicuous guy from “The Usual Suspects”.

    He is the underdog that has been overlooked all the time, but at the end…

    Doesn’t it fit perfectly? 😉

  15. The original ad has a subcontext: business users are idiots. One problem with this: business users are idiots with money. They pay enough for Windows and related software.

  16. Nice to see a bit of a change of concept in the ad, good work! I felt the Linux character was a bit…. ‘forced’ somehow, almost more serious like she took a page from the numbers and spreadsheets world of the Windows Guy.

    Regardless, great to see, keep ’em coming!

  17. I think they did a nice job with the ad, it is kinda subtle but still gets the point across.

  18. It looks great but I don’t love Novell politics but this AD it’s very nice.

  19. fine but whose kudo does Apple own?

  20. I thought you could have an aboriginal woman- perhaps in a park- suggesting those guys should get out more. She’s still very attractive, but you’re not sure if she’d go for you- she’s exciting, different, from a different culture and what’s under that parka after all?

    Emperor penguins could be diving into the water around her.

  21. Tagline- “I think for myself”.

  22. i personally didn’t like this spoof at all. i thought the way linux presented herself was very pretentious, and throughout the whole thing you just made mac and pc look like idiots. if you want to make them look dumb, you have to actually point out faults in them, not just have they say dumb things.

    • Agreed.

      She was just kinda… forced. I agree with the idea that the woman-ishness shouldn’t be overbearing, but she just comes out that way, despite their efforts for it not to.

      I’d like to see a Linux add designed by the guys at Cannonical Ltd, personally.(ie Ubuntu’s backing)

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  24. have them*


  25. Well, I would have done the commercial a little differently:
    Mac(dressed like his usual poser self)
    PC (dressed like his usual doofus self, with a big backpack)
    Linux (curly haired redhead, white ribbed tank top and jeans. Offscreen until she speaks).

    Mac: Hi, I’m a Mac.
    PC: And I’m a PC. *pants a little*
    Mac: Hey, PC, are you ok? You seem to be running a little slow.
    PC: Oh, new operating system upgrades. Wearing on me a bit. *hitches backpack* Nothing to worry about though!
    Mac: Well, I’m just a little concerned for you.
    Linux: Hi, I can help with that!
    PC: Wha, huh?
    Mac: Who are you?
    Linux: I’m linux. I can make everything run better. Let me show you.
    *Tackles PC, much snogging and giggling noises ensue offscreen below. Slow focus on MAC. MAC gives his trademarke disaffected uncomfortable look to his lower stage left where PC was*
    Mac: Um, well…
    Linux (from offscreen): Hey, don’t feel left out- you’re next!
    PC: Woo hoo! I feel great!
    *Fade out to logo*
    (voice & print): Linux. Makes everything run better.

  26. Great ad!

    My only note would be to get Linux into the ad sooner.

    And I love the actress you chose. Perfect.

  27. It shouldn’t be only a single person. Look, Linux is powered by a strong community and therefor it should be something like:

    I’m a PC
    I’m a MAc
    We’re Linux

    And the people representing Linux should wear white or clear colored clothes. White means pure and free.

  28. People want to be the hipster? Perhaps it was a bad idea on Apple’s part, but I *want* to be Mr. Hodgman.

    To that end, I don’t think anyone watches Apple ads for whatshisface – Hodgman and his PC-ness always steals the camera.

  29. Although this is reasonably humorous as a spoof, it’s very ineffective at communicating the message you’d like to communicate. First, the use of Apple’s music and format just reminds us that Mac is the “good guy” here. It’s subconscious, but if you’ve seen the Apple ads enough to “get” the spoof, then you already know who’s playing which parts. The REAL problem, though, is that the notion of a woman playing Linux is amazingly, stupendously laughable. I laughed at it simply because of how radically different the woman is from actual TYPICAL Linux users. (Yeah, there might be a few random examples here and there of attractive women who use Linux, but how many have you met as compared to the nerdy, brainy white guys who are the stereotypical Linux user?)

    The Apple ads work because of the kernel of truth in the characters representing the platforms. This spoof miserably fails because it merely points out the degree to which this nice-looking woman DOES NOT represent Linux. I strongly suggest you go back to the drawing board for an idea that doesn’t just remind viewers of the competition’s ads and remind them of the actual Linux user’s stereotype. By putting yourself into the “universe” that Apple created, you can’t help but do that.

    Linux users will like this ad, I suppose, so if you’re preaching to the choir internally, go ahead with it. The won’t know any better. They’ll be flattered. To anyone outside the “Linux clubhouse,” it’s going to have the opposite effect from what you intend.

    BTW, I’m a filmmaker who’s also worked in marketing for the past 20 years, so I’m really giving you something other than typical “fanboi” advice. 🙂

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  31. Hey, if you look closely, the apple ads are not really about presenting
    the justin long character as the desired alter ego — it’s about
    getting windows users to switch — and so hodgman is the real star.
    he is carefully calibrated to elicit sympathy and goodwill —
    you’re not supposed to identify with the mac as you are with the pc.
    trying to insert linux into the dialogue ignores the way the ad operates.
    in fact, having long behave just a tad smarmily works in its favor —
    why should that doofus have the benefits of a mac? — I can buy a mac and
    have it, too. why linux requires advertising is a weird question —
    linux handily dominates the markets it excels at.

  32. very cool ad… if Novell decided to actually sell Linux to end users, well, i think it could work!!

    OTOH – if having Novell sell Linux to end users meant that Adobe would make Photoshop et. al. available on the Novell distro, I wanna buy it NOW thanks!!

    I am fed up with Windows. XP will be the last version of Windows that I run regularly. Vista is a complete and utterly cruel joke on the consumers. MS thinks that you should toss out everything and buy ALL NEW STUFF – new OS, new apps, new hardware (to replace stuff that doesn’t have Vista-compatible drivers… that $900 laptop starts looking like $2000-$3000 real quick)

    as far as the ads, how about having Mac and PC brag about what they do best and then have Linux show that she can do it too — FOR FREE. that would frost their pumpkins by golly and make great 2nd & 3rd ads…

    Mac: Look at this cool video clip I edited…

    PC: Gosh, I wish I could do that. My Firewire drivers are hosed up…

    Linux: Yes, that’s quite cool but look I can do that too and I paid $0 for the applications!!

    Obviously it would need some polishing but you get the drift…

    If Wine gets to the point that it allows you to install from manglefacturer’s install disks for just about anything (like Photoshop) Windows better watch out!!

  33. The problem is in the original mac adds the people representing the product are believable.

    Linux being a total down to earth cutie is not. Linux is more accurately represented by Frankenstein, all be it a modern version (ie minus the bolts and stitches). The reason I say this is everyone had their part.

    Sorry guys, Mac’s is funny due to the vague truth behind it. Yours is just how you WANT to be seen, not how you are.

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  35. I know some (cute) girls who use Linux and are quite happy with it. I don’t think this ad is bad at all. Very accurate now since Ubuntu has laid the path for easy migration and all.

  36. ha ha ha.. there’s no way linux is a pretty girl. Whole linux community is built on freebies. If linux is a human, it’s probably some homeless guy who won lottery or something…

  37. Hi, I’m a PC.

    And I’m a Mac.

    And I’m Linux (install dependancy public-relations-GNOME-

  38. heh.. nice.
    She lets me think of the freebsdchicks…

  39. There are 37 comments and nobody was vaguely uncomfortable with the juxtaposition of “you grew up fast” with “I’m Linux — and there are 30 million Linux *users* out there”?


  40. Oh yes, she’s open source all right…

  41. Right idea, but the girl should be more slutty with the slogan, “Linux – cheap and easy”

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  43. Speaking as a linux user. Ahem.


    So, it’s just like the original ads! Congratulations!

  44. Actually I think the ad would be more like the first picture with the linux user in a tron outfit. Linux would be all like look how cool I look and I made it all myself for free.

  45. That chick is pretty cute, but i think they should have PC do the linux char. You figure Linux runs on the PC, Maybe even have a clone of Mac to. seeing that Linux works both on the PC and Mac. Just dress them differently and have them act more linuxy….makes sense to me =)

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  47. Fantastic ad

  48. Anybody who thinks this is a “fantastic ad” doesn’t understand squat about advertising OR psychology. 🙂

  49. […] I came across this webpage today that shows an attempt at a Linux tack on the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” […]

  50. perhaps you should do one that focuses on the constant ‘mac vs pc’ war: lots of muscle flexing, little actually done.

    linux: whilst i’d love to stay around comparing lengths, i actually have other things to get on with. bye.


  51. I like the idea of getting linux involved. I was with you on it being someone a little different.

    How about a cousin. Macs being built on unix now, and cygwin hogging up my pc.. Someone who serves.. Alot. Say both Mac and PC go to use the internet, oh yeah, they have to talk to linux.. She’s serving the pages.

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  53. […] of the original commercials. Most spoof attempts that I have seen hav X Men the last stand posterread more | digg story No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack […]

  54. I think this ad is utterly brillient.
    I myself am a Ubuntu user but I play nice with SuSe ;).
    While I don’t prefer being portrayed as a girl, it’s better than being a 40 year old in a tron costume, keep up the good work.

  55. […] beta at Brainshare, so now is as good a time as any. They also released this “Mac Guy” spoof, which is superbly done. On the distribution front, after hanging out with Jono a bit at SCALE I […]

  56. Well done! I enjoyed the spoof. Looking forward to the next one.

  57. […] go to Ted’s blog and speak out loud your opinion on it in his comment […]

  58. I disagree with your assertion “its clear who you would rather be”. The fact is many people think the Apple ads backfire as the hipster is bland and uninteresting (just like Macs, really – look at the great PC modding community, but if you get a Mac, you’re just a clone and look like everyone else with a Mac).

    As for Linux, I kind of imagine a geekier looking Stallman character. Also more interesting than the navel-gazing Mac “hipster”.

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  60. […] permalink Wir Linux-Geeks sind ja immer ein wenig eiferschtig auf die ‘Coolness’ der Macintosh-Werbung gewesen. Der folgende Artikel (mit Video) ist erstens – na ja – ein weiterer Beweis fr diese Tatsache, aber zweitens ist die Parodie der ‘I’m a Mac’-Kampagne tatschlich sehr gelungen IMHO: Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? […]

  61. These mac vs. pc commercials are damn cool. Nice way to promote your business, by unknowingly offending your competitor. (Like apple offends micrsoft and linux.)

  62. […] Read the complete article and view the ad here. […]

  63. I’m not sure the linux character actually represents linux users. I mean its not obvious like the ultra hip dude would use a mac and a bland frumpy businessman would use a pc.

    An ultra hip chic using linux just* came across as, wtf?

    It’s not obvious enough, you know like apples are red and oranges are orange.

    Personally I don’t know how a linux character should look mainly because I’m not one and I know of a couple of linux users who are in very different cliques. On top of that they aren’t even the nerdy type with thick glasses.

    So yea my 2cents.

  64. The advertisement doesn’t work well with linux, simply because it’s politically laden. I mean a political answer to two white guys, would be an Indian (wo?)man being empowered by the lack of technology gap. And nobody, I mean nobody in the west wants to do an advertisement like that.

  65. Linux should just be agent Smith from the Matrix; grab them both by the head, they convulse for a few seconds and then they’re all Linux 😉

    Or maybe make a pun about the Woman being compatible with both of them, but the Mac and PC (two men) are generally not compatible with each other. On that thought, a play on the term ‘stable relationship’ might be at hand.

  66. […] vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? What with the popularity of the “Get a Mac” campaign, the inevitable spoofs are numerous. […]

  67. Of course in the UK this wouldn’t work. We have equivalent ads over here and the PC guy is geeky but ultimately lovable, whereas the Mac guy is an arsehole. Or maybe that is exactly what the US ads are like.

  68. Awful, just awful. One of the appealing factors of the ads are the nuances of the characters and the affection they seem to have for each other. The Linux in the parody is bland, unbelievable and unfriendly. She also doesn’t reflect what people think of when they think of Linux, something that’s needed for satire (and something that Hodgman and Justin Long do for he PC and Mac).

    For most users, Linux is something that is installed on a PC, it’s not a separate platform. It would have been much better to have the PC in the ad get Linux installed, then you could have Hodgman come in with a strange beard and an “all your base” t-shirt. Tell me that isn’t a more accurate representation of a Linux user.

    Or maybe Linux could be Moss from “The IT Crowd”.

  69. In the uk its some what backfired as the mac guy is seen as an arrogent prick and the PC guys is seen as friendly and aproachable.

  70. […] Humor: Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? […]

  71. > Linux being a total
    down to earth cutie is
    > not. Linux is more accurately represented by
    > Frankenstein.

    Bad analogy. Frankenstein was hacked together from different body parts and limps along mindlessly. If you want to go with the Sci-Fi angle, Linux is more of a shape-shifter. Personally, I like their choice. Women tend to be into fashion more and change clothes and hair styles a lot more frequently (just like Linux, eg look at all the Linux desktop screen shots on google) than men, who tend to stick to the suits or the slackerware they always wear (a Mac is a Mac is a Mac. ditto for Windows).

    Linux is pretty down to earth also. In Windows and Mac, if you want to know anything more about how it works you’re basically told “Don’t worry your pretty little heads over this, we know what’s best for you”. In Linux, the answer is “Come in friend, let’s chat. There are communities, forums and mailing lists galore. Plenty are down to earth, though some just plain earthy, but there’s a place for everyone.”

    The whole, “where’s the only choice” and “excuse me, stop ignoring me, I’ve been standing here a long time” is also classic.

    > Mac’s is funny due to the vague truth behind
    > it. Yours is just how you WANT to be seen

    Actually, Mac advocates think that the Mac is the best out there, and Windows advocates constantly refer to market share, so the ad seems accurate.

  72. Linux as an attractive girl works! Think for a moment, Linux is quickly getting to that “attractive point”, so the sprit of the idea works! Linux is growing up just like the next door neighbors daughter who is getting a lot more attention even from the old creepy guy’s. Linux is getting into the business world in many ways and a lot of those pasty faced nerds from the basement are bringing Linux with them as they move up the corporate ladder. And yes many distributions of Linux should look like a Frankenstein Girl off the cover of Mindless Self Indulgence but that’s only attractive in that Hot Topic / Gothic / Emo sort of way. Mac and PC are chocolate and vanilla! Linux has the Baskin Robins 32 flavors, all at different ages and attractiveness. So all in all think of Novell as one of those make over shows who took the neighbors gothic daughter and turned her into the “cute chick” in the film.

  73. Not an ad wonk. Not a linux user. Just an ordinary guy (with a Ph.D.) who’s amused by the Mac ad campaign. I found this intriguing and fun, and it makes me think about looking into Linux.

  74. Great spoof! Can’t wait to see the other two.

  75. How about Linux as a character-actor? We could go with an action-hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger or a reliable behind-the-scenes standby like a butler or James Bond’s Q. These fit in well with Linux’s role as a server that “gets the job done.”

  76. > The REAL problem, though, is that the notion of a woman playing Linux is amazingly, stupendously laughable.

    > The Apple ads work because of the kernel of truth in the characters representing the platforms. This spoof miserably fails because it merely points out the degree to which this nice-looking woman DOES NOT represent Linux.

    If Linux is a woman, she’s high-maintenance with multiple personalities (read: distros) and expects you to be a mind reader when something goes wrong when you just met her. No Linux deserves better than that. Linux deserves the truth. Bring on a nerdy, brainy, hacker guy. No less will do.

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  78. The second clip is great as well! 😀

  79. Is there a text somewhere, because the second spoof is hard to understand near the end.

  80. I love both Clips! I think more people need to be attracted to Linux and some day a silly simple end user will be able to use it instead of just bringing on a nerdy, brainy, hacker guy. I don’t like supporting users on windows and blowing my IT budget on over priced bloatware. I just got everything up to XP, and now we need to get to Vista? No way not on my watch. I’ll wait for that “Cute Linux Girl” IE :Novell’s Linux make over. Mac has it’s designer cult and the PC has been under the Microsoft Empire log enough. I long for the day of a Linux desktop and a Novell server, no more windows and no more active directory.

  81. […] guys over at Novell decided to update the Mac v PC ads to become Mac v PC v Linux. I think they’re pretty creative and he gives a great reason behind the choices he made for […]

  82. Wow, the second one is great… the concept of sharing awesome things is what open source is all about!

    Wonderful work!

  83. […] with television advertising, I have yet to see on on my set here at home. Nevertheless, the Mac vs PC parody could indeed be very successful; if the money is […]

  84. First Ad
    ++ Like the use of a woman playing Linux (although it doesn’t totally fit, but most Distros are currently very user friendly, even if they weren’t in the past).
    ++ I like the line about “how long have you been standing there” and “you grew up fast”, totally goes with Linux.
    — I did not like Linux’ waving to the camera and overly smiling. It made her feel too needy and like she was trying to hard.
    — Didn’t like the line about, “there are an estimated… Linux users”. Again, makes Linux feel needy. Somehow you have to make her more confident. Linux will survive no mater how many people use it. Market Share != Quality. Although, Linux should still be “Marketed” to the masses, because it will “Free” them from proprietary enslavement. Not the other way around. If people don’t use Linux it’s only their loss, not a loss to Linux.

    Second Ad
    ++ Like the use of stereotypical user interface generalizations.
    — The jacket Linux puts on was too similar to what PC was wearing. There has to be something stronger that correlates to being able to use different window managers and XGL+Beryl effects, and the fact that you can change them as many times a day as you like.

    All in all I liked the Ads. The Second one was better, but the first one was a necessary introduction to Linux, and should be improved.

    When I think of a Linux character, I think of somebody that initially nobody believes and even mocks. Still the character is strong and doesn’t need anybody else to survive — very independent, and totally different. In the end everybody realizes that Linux was right and superior in every way; and they need Linux. Very hard to convey that concept.

  85. Hey, they should rolled a wardrobe and let her pick a jacket.

  86. You wouldn’t have needed to include a third person. Linux runs on PCs, so why not replace the PC character with, say, a bodybuilder (for marketing’s sake) dressed smartly.

    Mac: Hi, I’m a Mac.
    PC: Hi, I’m a PC.
    Mac: Whoa, you look different.
    PC: Yeah, I got in shape.

  87. “Linux and girls don’t go together?” Tell the lovely ladies of LinuxChix that! Or look at my family. I’m the 18 y.o. female brunette. We all use Linux though. Yes, my mom and younger sister too. http://photos-221.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sctm/v44/192/38/5319221/n5319221_31270467_4788.jpg

  88. […] with television advertising, I have yet to see on on my set here at home. Nevertheless, the Mac vs PC parody could indeed be very successful; if the money is […]

  89. Sandra F, your comment is hilarious!

    Aren’t these Novell ads a great reminder that of all three platforms, the ratio of women:men that use each desktop OS has to be the lowest on Linux.

  90. […] con esto… según dicen, Red Hat nos tiene preparada una sorpresa pronto con Linux Fuente: Reverend Ted                […]

  91. Novell’s second Get a Mac spoof is online now

    Seems to me the second effort is much better, but how about you? For the first spoof and the background, see below: Novell spoofs Get a Mac ads to promote Linux…

  92. I was M$oft user for years. Months ago i saw the ads from mac and they changed my mind. I realized that windows REALLY stinks. But i didn’t try mac. I simply decided to give linux a chance, so i installed ubuntu and then moved into sabayon. It simply impressed me! i knew linux existed years ago, but i was skeptic. Now I’m a satisfied linuxer! I believe these ads are great, they do reflect the feelings one have when it comes to the ideals of free software and international cooperation. This is about helping others to improve their lifes, and for those who believe linux is hard to use, i recommend them to give sabayon a try, then see for yourselves how difficult is windows and mac (due to viruses, hangs, blue screens, a lot of money, trojan horses, anti virus, firewalls, drivers, incompatible drivers, installations, bugs, aging software, 30 day trials, phishing, life stealing, etc…)! I tell you, linux DOESN’T HAVE THIS SHIT, it simply rocks! i strongly recommend it to every one hahaha. In exchange you will get free updates, bug fixes every day, tons of free software, compatibility with virtually every thing, no viruses, stability, the code of all the programs, live dvds, lots of distributions to choose from, and a really large etcetera. A very good thing for SMART people.

  93. Love the ads. For those who don’t use linux, I’d like to clarify the second ad. The girl receiving the jacket is actually what linux is doing, getting a lot of spectacular 3D desktop effects. I think that Vista AERO’s desktop effects will never compare to beryl`s effects! Yeah! linux daily gets new cool stuff! and becomes easier to use (no more complicated commands, thats the past of linux, now almost everything is ‘for dummies’)

  94. […] Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted (tags: cool linux mac marketing opensource windows video) […]

  95. well ubuntu is african word, so she should be a hip african type of babe (think beyonce). Then you have have different girls or different types for all the different flavours of linux. oh my god I’m a genius. Now where can I find lot’s of different types of women?

  96. >>Bring on a nerdy, brainy, hacker guy. No less will do.

    First, You cannot compare a Linux nerd to a PC user. You can however compare a Linux nerd to an Windows Programmer.
    Now, Lets look at a linux ‘user’.
    I am a linux user. I can play guitar (Doors, Tool, Sabbath, Nirvana….)
    I drive a new truck and a late Corvette.
    I own a 3600SqFt home and have a fiancee (complete with $16,000 ring).
    I do not live in my mothers basement and never lived in any basement.
    I can install chair rail and crown molding.
    I rate 9.5 on HotOrNot.
    I’ve used linux for close to 10 years, Exclusively for 8.
    My mother uses linux. She also makes quilts and crafts.

    Now, can we start making fun of the MSCE’s? (MSCE’s are NOT engineers by any stretch)

  97. perfect. i use all 3, and though i am pretty enamored with mac right now, i still use linux daily. if you just can’t buy a mac, linux is the next best thing.
    geeks who say linux is not ready need to back away from the gentoo and look at what some of the more user-friendly ( and well built) distros have been up to. ubuntu, mint, sabayon, etc ARE ready for your grandma’s machine.

  98. The fact that Linux geeks are loving these ads (and apparently thinking that they communicate why non-Linux users should give it a try) says a LOT about why a good OS is going to have trouble EVER making it outside of a very narrow and geeky market. BTW, the Mac guy in the second ad wouldn’t be caught dead in that shirt. 🙂

  99. […] by Denis E. Ambrose, Jr. on March 21st, 2007 Pretty clever, actually, in a really geeky sort of […]

  100. Sorry Haniff, I just can’t see Linux shaking her booty on BET, Ubuntu or no Ubuntu.

  101. I second the idea of “We’re Linux”
    with an infinite sea of people. “I’m Myself” is also good.

  102. […] Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? « Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted It would be really nice to see the false Mac vs. PC dichotomy broken. Much like it would be great to see the false Democrat vs. Republican dichotomy broken. Funny “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercial spoof here. (tags: advertising cool linux PC video) […]

  103. […] Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? « Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted […]

  104. I’m disgusted by this discussion! As most of the time it seems the most important thing that the actress is attractive for male heterosexual eyes. You don’t want to reproduce cliches? Well, show women without make-up or tight clothes or women who do NOT run after every trend just because it LOOKS good.

  105. I really liked the second one. It was a clever analogy of open source via shared clothing. I also liked the snarky comment to Mac “It might work on you”.

    Much better.

  106. Like the video. Very amusing. Nice Job.

  107. […] Here’s Novell’s attempt at fitting Linux into Apple’s Mac vs. PC ad campaign that takes a different approach than the ones we’ve all seen on YouTube so far. It is pretty amusing, so check it out! Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  108. a woman: This isn’t commentary on gender stereotypes, it’s commentary on Operating System stereotypes. If someone makes “Heteronormative vs. Third Wave Feminist” then that would be great and I’d support that too 😀

    But as it is, I’m amused that Linux in the ad seems a lot like me, and I run linux.

  109. […] Judging by Reverend Ted’s blog post about it, there must be a No. 3 video somewhere. … Time to start mining the Internets. … […]

  110. […] Reverend Ted has novell’s jab at the mac vs. pc ads. Novell continues to distance themselves from other linuxes (linuxi?) by not taking a whiny nerd-boy stab at apple, but actually shifting the discussion. making linux a woman makes apple immediately look sexist. remember the one woman in the mac ads? she was a peripheral(second class citizen much?) and involved in substantial confusion between networks and peripherals (typical of most mac fanboys, in my experience). […]

  111. Is that… Caitlin?

  112. […] than that. Linux deserves the truth. Bring on a nerdy, brainy, hacker guy. No less will do.” Comment by Sandra […]

  113. I’m just glad that at least you didn’t use the girl that appears in the Wii vs PS3 spoof…

  114. When’s video 3 coming out? I’m excited for it (wow I’m a geek!)

  115. Mac computer suck ass.. They have the worst problems.. Most which are simple.. (labelled in this really good article that doesn’t contain viruses and sends good message to the uninformed)


    Besides that… Macs don’t work with most software and any pre-owned software from a windows computer will not work… As far as linuix goes, bullshit company. Its poorly advertisted and will not superceed windows.. All have thier problems, but…

    Windows: Constant “updates”
    Liniux: No advertising
    Macs: Pathetic advertising/dumbass user base/ YOU CAN’T EVEN RIGH-CLICK…

    You decide…

  116. Also, these adds by Mac, and the ones that Linuix have created, are stupid as hell. I don’t want to here..

    “It just works”

    I want to here a good reason to buy this product, I don’t want to see some unemployed jackass talking out of thier ass for a “hip” company, its pathetic and inappropriate for obviouis reasons.

  117. Great work! I love it, my wife likes it to, probably because she relates herself to this Linux girl. Linux is in great need of such stuff. I really hope there will be more!

  118. great ads… they’re a good start

    zkennedy23 — macs can right click. it’s called a contextual menu, and you can do it on a mac.

  119. […] 21st, 2007 by Ted Haeger   Del.icio.us (No Ratings Yet)  Loading … …see the original post for the […]

  120. Linux should walk past in overalls then go and do some real work in the background. Then the PC asks, “who’s that?” and the Mac says, “dunno, just keeps working.”

  121. It’s Novell’s annual spoof videos for the Novell faithful. Fun in their own right, but given Novell’s track record for effective advertising (practically zero), they are a temporary flash that will be soon forgotten.

    As one can tell from the comments here, everyone will see something in the ads and the spoofs that relates to their way of looking at the computing world. No one who is comfortable in their computing choice will switch based on an ad or a spoof. The people on the fence, however, just might check out the alternatives.

    IMO, Linux is getting interesting and I welcome less expensive alternatives to the Microsoft monopoly, but until it can do more of the things I need it to do, it would not be a good use of my time to learn what you have to know to really make it work.

  122. Did anyone else think the PC guy was like Ron Burgundy from The Anchorman?? LOL. Great post, and I love the videos. VIVA LINUX!

  123. I think it’s pretty funny!

  124. […] Link: All three of Novell’s Linux adverts, with background info […]

  125. Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?

    Let’s turn this question around a little and ask whether/where Macs fit into Novell’s Linux world, especially with Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 on the horizon.

    I know the answer – currently they don’t!

  126. Wow, this was fantastic! It made me feel much less like an outcast as a Linux user. Fantastic job.

  127. Hahah, great stuff 🙂
    to bad there were only three clips created, should’ve been like 4 more or so

  128. Yeh. Nice work. The archetypes usage is clever even though the mix up of concepts in the last video.
    I like it 🙂

  129. Nice ending. Unfortunately, fancy marketing isn’t all it takes to lead to world OS domination.

  130. The first one is passable as a good attempt.

    But the next two don’t really seem to follow the formula.

    They come off as a little too fanboy-ish.

  131. Very funny and well done , I’ve always wanted to see Linux in the picture .

  132. […] Reverend Ted points out,  the market for desktop operating systems contains more than just Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. The question is how to make this […]

  133. Check out all the comments that seem to think this is a serious ad or something…. It’s a spoof, made by some people at a conference. Give it a break if it doesn’t follow the rules ads would normally follow.

  134. […] and more Filed under: Linux/OSS, Advocacy — Ted Haeger @ 3:17 pm Among all the background I previously provided about the “Get a Mac” spoofs that Novell produced for BrainShare, there are some other […]

  135. HAHAHA, Oh wow. Those videos are amazing. I recently switched to Ubuntu and I’ll never go back to Windows or MAC again.
    A small learning curve admitted. But there is just so much free software its insane, and the stability is unriviled.

  136. These are great! Props to Novell. Thanks for posting.

  137. […] the numerous April Fool’s jokes (I’m afraid to even visit Slashdot), I came across this blog. The only thing I can say is – well done. If you’re a geek, into linux, or just want some […]

  138. The ‘linux’ chick is so hot…
    I like linux! 😉

  139. While the Mac vs. PC ad concept is a good one, I don’t think it is the best for Linux.

    To spoof another ad I like the concept of Verizons guy with the network behind him ads.

    Need something to work? How about a worldwide support team ready to step in.

    You could have someone at a desk trying to figure out how to do something (does not really matter what). The stuffy PC guy comes in from off camera. Says something like “I can help you with that. I just need your credit card first.”

    Then the linux guy comes in from the other side. “We can help you with that. Here is the solution” Camera pans to a large group of people waiting to help.

    Of course in true open source spirit you are free to use the idea. 🙂

  140. Mostly I love it. Some of the comments here are very astute though – perhaps the next ad could consist of a nerdy looking guy. Mac and PC both turn to him and say “who are you” and then he morphs into the girl answering “who do you want me to be today?” … just a thought.

    Great work though, deserves better comments, and the girl was a great idea to split it up.

  141. […] Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit? « Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted (tags: linux video Mac pc opensource humor advertising tech) […]

  142. Third is the best, made me laugh so hard!! Well done!!

  143. It’s always good to put a human face on these issues. It’s a technique used in information architecture – it makes them seem more real and tangible.

    As advertising, though, it annoys me that it feels like this approach is being abused. I don’t look like PC-guy. I don’t think like PC-guy. I don’t think like Apple-guy either. Both annoy the hell outta me. But Apple is using this to make me think want to identify with their Apple-guy because he’s supposed to be “cooler”. Now everyone is buying into this approach.

    It just feels wrong.


  144. I love Linux and I wish I could use it full time, but there is certain things that I just can’t do on it. Some day Linux will replace Windows for my desktop OS. Until then I’m going to be forced to use Windows.

  145. Well, I’m glad that someone with the funding did make some “spoofs” that are well done.

    For those who have been saying Linux isn’t ready for the desktop, and won’t be for a long time, they really need to look at the lvecd PCLinuxOS [ DraxLive install enabled ]
    I gave the latest rc to a friend that is an openBSD user, she was seriously impressed with how polished this Texstar based distribution is, and is switching to Linux because of it.

    As much as I appreciate PCLinuxOS for it’s polish, I’ll stick with my LFS, for the avoidance of bloatware, like KDE, Java, GOME, and really stupid dependencies like smbclient on my 100% Linux network. [ GNOME, Bluefish are two Linux tools that “require” smbclient bloat ]

  146. Interesting angle. Until the last few years Linux has been an IT professionals tool due to it needing a lot of configuring etc to “just work” as Mac’s are so good at.

    I do think that image is outdated now with Ubuntu leading the charge. It is now a proper, user friendly desktop OS.

    I may try an Intel Mac soon….but Linux is my OS of choice.

  147. […] und der PC durch einen unatraktiven Neurotiker dargestellt wird. Novell hat vor einiger Zeit etwas ganz eigenes geschaffen: Werbespots bei denen denen Mac und PC gegen eine junge Dame antreten […]

  148. Why not operate an ad campaign around the concept that got Linux started in the first place? What do I mean? Simple. I just want something better. And because of the configurability of GNU/Linux that can mean different things to different people, which could be used as well. There is also the help which is fast. How about a sequence with PC and Mac trying to decide how best to get around some problem while Linux actually gets it done. Point out also the lack of need for a hardware upgrade until _you_ want one. The mind boggles with possibilities.

  149. […] the Mac vs. PC Linux spoofs (thanks Novell!), I believe some people were wondering why Linux was a girl. I saw some comments at […]

  150. […] Mittelpunkt gestellt, sondern natürlich Linux. Mehr zur Entwicklung der Novell-Spots könnt ihr hier […]

  151. It hasn’t fit so far, and it won’t for a very, very long time

  152. It’s funny to see all the comments like “it can’t be a girl, it should be a nerd” or “Frankenstein”, etc etc. All those people have EXACTLY the same problem Mac and PC have in the first ad when they think they’re the only serious contenders around, and would probably be just as surprised to see that Linux is all grown up and way past the nerdy stereotype they think of. That’s the whole point of the ad.
    Both characters knew little Linux existed but didn’t consider her as real competition. PC is the most surprised at how good she looks now that she’s fully “developed”, and awkwardly smiles in both admiration and out of intimidation.
    Mac’s not so surprised that she’s standing there, he just wonders how long. He must have know she had the potential to do what he can and more, after all, she’s his COUSIN! Thus the nice line in the second ad “it might work on you”, since so many Linux apps can be ported to OSX (Darwin).
    If you’re considering Linux bear in mind that Novell’s Suse is great but is aimed at business users. Flavors like Ubuntu are super easy for home users, and even though they’re easy to install you don’t even have to do that, as there are several reputable retailers selling pre-installed Linux, now including Dell.
    Another great linux ad I like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRa6uoE7HLw

  153. Thanks for the videos and the discussion of how they were created. I have these saved on my hard drive and play them whenever I need a good laugh.

  154. Of the three, linux is the least professional and upto date. Hell, they cant even decide on a default desktop.

  155. Hey, the first video’s fabulous.. That would certainly bring Linux out on top.. The other stuphs a little corny though.Like on the second video”(that’s Nicely)” lol..

  156. I mean fits nicely sounds like that’s nicely.. I guess that’s ok then..Thuough first video’s the best

  157. […] Read all about it here. […]

  158. […] Ted has written a nice post on where Linux fit in between the Windows vs Mac debate (with some cool video coming from Novell) >>>>>> […]

  159. mac’s blow

  160. Too bad it’s a Novell commercial. At this point, Novell is essentially the Linux division of Microsoft — and those of us in the free world refuse to do business with Microsoft.

  161. Great way to insert Linux and destroy Apple’s the dichotomy. I think the first video works really well except the line about the number of Linux users should be cut from the dialogue (can be a splash of text after the spot). The second video does a great job subtly portraying benefits of community developed open software. Personally I don’t like the third one. Mac and PC should have been talking more abstractly about the type of thing that they were doing (preferably something with an open source alternative to expensive software). After PC admits to running Linux, Mac can defend himself by telling Linux that he was using ported open software.

    I also liked the ideas in the comments about Linux “dunno, just keeps working” and “the network” of community support. Perhaps “who do you want me to be today?” could be combined with “dunno, just keeps working” to continue the series.

  162. i think you need inormation on macs and pcs LIKE THE DIFFRENT KINDS OF MACS AND PCS gee i hate computers why am i even on? good bye i am going outside to the real world. virtuale world sucks.

  163. It’s very comical to see novell trying to justify it’s place along side it’s masters it has sold out too . Why even bother trying to be part of the group with so much microsoft smug on novells nose . Id perfer ubuntu or red hat beings they have stayed true to the real cause for open source and told Big brother to fugg off . The more the trend moves forward between the agreement with microsoft and novell the less novell keeps it’s sex appeal ..it’s just another geek on MS lease .


  164. @FG [171]: While I sympathize with some of the sentiments you express in your comment (indeed, my decision to part ways with Novell was precipitated by the Microsoft-Novell agreement of Nov 2, 2006), I think that you’re making an erroneous presumption regarding the origins of this video. The version of video #2 linked here online is the original; the version shown at BrainShare 2007 left out the line “I call this ‘Vista.'” The people who produced the video, among whom I was fortunate to work, created the script as a labor of love, not to try to represent Novell some specific way. In fact, we explicitly avoided saying “SUSE Linux.” We intended the video to be for Linux, and we had to stand ground and win some arguments with various marketing wonks in order to keep it that way. So, please don’t disparage the people who produced the video by saying that we were “trying to justify it’s place along side it’s masters it has sold out too [sic].” That condemns the well-intentioned work of people who fought hard to preserve the spirit and integrity of these videos.

  165. lol.. thanks for the good website.. the video was really really… cool. (rather hot!) 😉
    and she rocks.. she will always be my first girlfriend 😉

  166. @Dushy [173]: Nicole does rock. She’s quite a lovely woman, with one of those smiles that warms the coldest of rooms. I briefly met her fiance, who seemed like quite a nice fellow for me to be wishing so many varieties of tragic accident upon.

  167. sorry.. i pasted your link on orkut without your permission.. oops and one more thing.. “she will always be my first girlfriend” is suppose to be opensuse :D.. hope her fiance will be happy now 😉

    The video shows with good humor, the real facts, and in simple terms .. for a layman like me to understand without any confusions.. its the #1 video for the linux lovers.

    great job.

  168. linux would have to be an every changing person, constantly changing.
    being an OS by the people for the people wouldn’t that have to represent
    more then just one person? such as bill gates or steve jobs.
    I think the first comment hit it right on the nose
    felipe is correct in assuming himself as being the right image
    everybody who contributed to linux should be a part of the image? no?
    I don’t like the mac commercials first off because they cant say windows!
    they are just hurting their own image a mac to me is a pc
    personal computer i dont think of windows when i hear pc and i guess its
    just me but for OSX to call its own hardware lame is stupid
    the video with the clothing was interesting but cant show functionality
    i think some objects might be a better example like a seesaw being a mac with its simplicity and friendliness and maybe a black garbage bag for windows representing the hiding of important things within the os
    and linux being a bar of soap you can carve to whatever you want it to be. i know my image on things differ then what other people think but
    that commercial makes me mad and not because they are dissing windows by saying pc gimme a break does that even make sence?

  169. […] past the inherent truthiness of the original commercials. Most spoof attempts that I have seen havread more | digg story « WordPress Performance: Why My Site Is So Much Faster Than Yours WordPress […]

  170. Hi all, sorry I’m late to the party. As you all know the mac/pc thing exists because there is a mythic history between Jobs and Gates that goes back to the beginnings of personal computers. Mean while in a parallel universe Torvalds invented Linux and it grew up. But, Jobs and Gates are American, Torvalds is not. Jobs and Gates have companies, Torvalds does not. Jobs and Gates have TV personas, Torvalds does not. For me, the Linux Story needs to be told and put in the context of our experience growing up with macs and pcs. I don’t know if Torvalds needs a TV persona to challenge the dynamic dual, after all who ever heard of the dynamic trio? But folks don’t know about this mysterious stranger who can do the same as those two guys we know all about. In a way I like the girl image, she makes the two guys appear a bit uneasy and question the validity of that dualism.The real question though is can all the players, (Red Hat, Novell, whatever) be happy under the umbrella name brand “Linux”.

  171. @Arnold [180]:
    Thanks for your comment. I pick up a bit of an asymmetry in its assertion, though. Jobs and Gates are figureheads of companies rather than kernel pioneers. Gates had little to do with creating the actual code for Windows, and Jobs is similarly affiliated with Macintosh. Both may have had influence on product direction, but that’s not quite the same as Torvalds’s role with Linux. To Torvalds, Linux is really just the kernel, rather than the whole operating system. To get a complete platform, Linux must be coupled with many other contributors’ projects, starting with the GNU utilities and building up through the desktop environments (KDE, Gnome, and others). So, there’s really not a clean parallel between them, nor does the spoof clip we did try to include any of these celebrities of tech. The question that you set up is a good one, though. Can RH, N, Canonical, etc. all be happy under the Linux brand umbrella? Each have their own brands (Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu), so to me they really are more of a Linux confederacy than a united front.

  172. I see Linux as the guy agent smith in one of those Matrix movies where he spreads his “virus” (obviously bad choice of words) and infects all the other people. Try making an add where you have Mac and PC standing there when they are suddenly surrounded by hundreds of their doubles but in more vibrant colors, let people see that unlike Mac or PC, Linux can work on any hardware, and it makes it look good while doing it.

    ~I can’t believe I just used Virus and Linux in the same thought.~

  173. […] Here’s some background about how these ads were created. […]

  174. if i made this linux would be played by dr dre, and when he walks in mac would be like “hi linux” and linux would respond “bitch please, your going to give me a disease” and windows would have leprosy

  175. Well for one thing Linux has been best with drivers and will basically work with anything and plus has automatic ethernet enable for the on board ethernet port……..thought to share =)

  176. They should use someone bald, bloodshot eyes from reading blogs trying to get their machine to work, with leprosy (falling to pieces)using balsa wood crutches being eaten by termites, for the Linux guy. Linux as a desktop has no bragging rights. Any “hip” application ends up loosing its support.(XMMS),(AmericasArmy). Once again. NOT a hip machine.

  177. YES!!! (Red) hats off to you! hahaha! – The girl is purrfect! I think I like the first one the best. Really brings the point home that there ARE more choices than windows/mac! (Now if people could start realizing there’s more to politics than republicrats or democans)…

  178. OK… IM A MAC… User…

    And… MAC is a computer… PC, is a computer… LINUX is an operational system… so… I dont get it.

  179. Everyone who loves Macs right click!
    Everyone who loves Windows start a program! Windows has performed an illegal operation: BSOD

    Linux!! anything u can do i can do for free!! yes there are Linux distributions that u can buy, yes there are programs for Linux u have to pay for, but you won’t find them being used on a user’s desktop.

    Linux is based from UNIX: the grandfather of OS’s 😛
    Linux and Unix run your world. Tivo? Tis a Linux. Routers that connect your computer to the internet? Linux. You can even install Linux on your PS3!! Everywhere you go you will find Linux is not too far away.

    Why is Linux everywhere? Because you can customize the entire OS to fit your needs. All you have to do is release the source code. That’s it. You can make the entire thing run from a terminal (command line for those windows users) and nothing else, no GUI is required. Or you can make it run from a GUI that looks like windows, mac, or even different versions of Linux! And you can do it all for free. You can even make a Linux so small it runs from a CD or USB flash drive!!

  180. Mac is great for people who have the money to waste on hardware that can be gotten cheaper.
    Windows is great for people who have money to waste on software that can be gotten for free.
    Linux is great for people who don’t want to be restricted by their software or hardware.

    “In a world without walls or fences, we need no windows or gates.” -Thought by every Linux(and maybe Mac) user that has had to lived with the fact that windows is still there.

  181. […] on Ted Haeger’s blog. This page has downloads for three movies in both mpg and ogg formats (linky). There also appears to be flash versions of these movies embedded, these did not work however. […]

  182. I think a Frankenstein nerd would be appropriate whose missing a hand or something cause there’s usually something that you have to do with Linux to get it fully functional. Then when both Windows & Mac point out what they’re good at i.e creating movies and images (Mac) , spreadsheets and word documents (Windows) the nerd can say well I can do all of that as well I’m just crap at it!

  183. the Japanese version of the Mac vs PC ads are funny too

  184. I never thought I’d say it, but Windows 7 is really starting to look good. Apple might need to find a new commercial if it actually does what the beta testers say it will. Of course, their biggest complaint is still Media Player…. Hello I’m Media Player, and I’m iTunes.

  185. I loved the PC vs MAC vs Linx ads – very witty. But . . . WHO IS THAT ACTRESS? She is something else. Has she done any TV or feature work? I’d certainly like to see more of her. Is she on IMDB.com?

    Please let us know who that sexy model is! And are you doing more ads with her?

  186. Windows 7, bring it on baby!

  187. Simple really… get Kari from Mythbusters to sign up as the Linux girl 😉

    Mostly because there is nothing she hasn’t been able to do!

  188. “most guys would think they might have a chance at”

    Well, that’s sexualisation right there.

    Also, it’s nice to see representation for the many Linux contributors who aren’t white.

  189. Cool post. I was wondering what the difference was so i did some research and this site answered a bunch of my questions too.


  190. Hey, I have an idea. Just leave LINUX out of that little commercial tapdance altogether.
    Let the great unwashed masses fight amongst themselves after gazing glassy eyed at the latest PC/Mac spots their televisions…then go to their local big box store for some hand to hand combat while in line with the other brainwashed consumers.
    But if you really have to involve a “character” for LINUX…the female, the “really cool chick”, the funny girl next door is the way to go.
    “Hi, I’m a LINUX user and I ‘don’t care what you cool Mac cats or PC punchers think”

  191. I just have to say I was dissapointed with both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I was origionally a mac user, but switched when winndows 95 came out because of the software support.
    I have recently installed ubuntu and was really dissapointed because it took me over a week just to figure out how to install my graphics drivers. (it seems you have to know how to use the terminal to install basic drivers). Also the wireless support was awful, as it would drop a very strong wireless signal every 5 min.
    I really wanted to like linux, but it is just not user friendly enough.

  192. Very well done- this seems to be about the only *good* way to add Linux to the battle.

  193. […] Ted” Haeger has noted the “artificial dualism” of Apple’s approach, and in a blog post about the spoofs, says: “The problem with a well-established dualism like the Mac-PC one is that anything you […]

  194. […] evangelist "Reverend Ted" Haeger has noted the "artificial dualism" of Apple's approach, and in a blog post about the spoofs, says: "The problem with a well-established dualism like the Mac-PC one is that anything you try to […]

  195. I personally like the Tron Spoof best because it’s IMHO the most honest one 😉

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