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“Will it Blend” for Novell?: Now Online

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A couple weeks ago, I posted about the filming of the “Will it Blend?” video that we made for BrainShare. This morning, Ron Hovsepian unveiled the finished product during his BrainShare 2007 keynote address. You can check it out here:

  • The Video is now in the Novell Videos queue.
    • (I just found out that theweb team forgot to post the Ogg versions. rest assured, they’re on the way.)
  • For a short time, Novell.com home page has some fun Flash with Tom Dickson.
  • And, you can get it on YouTube, too:

The finished product is what I find most appealing about the whole thing. Here is a high-def still shot I took during the filming.

Yes, it blends!

(Yes, those are legs.)

Special bonus: Find the place in the video where Kel, Blendtec’s videographer, goofed. (Hint: Look for a minor discontinutity.)


18 Responses

  1. I didn’t goof! I never goof! (not really)

  2. Looks scary =)

  3. It’s the redbull!

    What do I win? =)

  4. How many (HP) amps does that blender draw?

  5. Where did the liquid come from?

  6. the blentech blender use a 1500W motor, provided that 736W is 1HP, then it’s damn close to 2HP… that is also 12.5A, which is what electric lawnmower have!

  7. […] It Blend? Novell Brainshare Edition Filed under: Uncategorized — recar @ 12:56 am Will It Blend? Novell Brainshare Edition Great “Will it Blend” video featuring the real will-it-blend guy, brought to us by […]

  8. #5: Where did the liquid come from?

    err… he kinda added a full can of RedBull

  9. Dude, that guy has gained like 100lbs and the majority is on his face.


  10. “Where did the liquid come from?”

    From the redbull.

  11. Whoa! Is that how SUSE is pronounced? Euck!

  12. […] for downloading it, and a bonus hi-res image of the blended product. Fun! X Men legends 1xbox cheatsread more | digg story No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack […]

  13. The liquid comes from the can of Red Bull.

    Watch the position of the objects in the blender BEFORE he adds the can of Red Bull, WHEN he adds the can of Red Bull, and AFTER he adds the can of Red Bull.

  14. Hmm, seems to me that if 736W = 1HP and the Blendtech blender’s motor is 1500 W then the Blendtech blender’s motor is 2.011 HP. Even google agrees with me, if you google 1500W in HP you get :
    1500 watts = 2.01153313 HP

  15. That’s not a blender….it’s a brush chipper in drag

  16. I love the part where he says

    “If you feel like putting real users in a blender… Get help… They’re HEAVY”

    Friggin’ hilarious.

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