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BrainShare 2007 Friday General Session

If you would like to see the General Session that I hosted at BrainShare 2007, it is now online.

  • Nat Friedman brought out several guests (including David Reveman!) and showed some killer Linux stuff
  • Baber Amin showed an open source InfoCard implementation
  • Ken Muir showed the upcoming GroupWise release, codenamed Bonsai
  • Alan Murray showed some cool Data Center technologies

9 Responses

  1. Offline download please-please!!!

  2. This was great Ted!, A lot of amazing things yet to come from Novell. Hope there is more to come.

  3. Well done indeed. What’s a bit unfortunate is that the cam never delivers a long shot so that you can see multiple screens during Davids demo. In reality this looked MUCH more impressive, fantastic stuff he is doing there.

  4. Hey Ted, can we get these in Ogg Theora format? Not just yours, but all the presentations currently online in that proprietary Flashulence.


  5. Please can we have a direct-download of the keynote? Flashvideo sucks so badly 😦

  6. Jay [1], Bob [4], Simon [5]:
    Our video guy Russ Dastrup is working on digitizing the keynote videos into multiple chapter files (for smaller downloads), in both mpeg and ogg format.

  7. Nice one! Kudos to Russ for taking the time to digitize the videos!

    How about running a torrent of the full video in one lump?

  8. Hey, Ted I thought you guys had done some ‘Novell Open Audio’ interviews live at BrainShare, when are those going online?

  9. Mark [8]: Indeed we did. The first goes live today. –T

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