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I am Steve Ballmer

Apparently, I’m a Monkeyboy.


12 Responses

  1. Ignore him. I hope he wasn’t serious. You’re not a monkeyboy. 🙂 You were great, Novell needs someone who isn’t afraid to be excited about the wonderful product we use, be it SLED or OpenSuse.

  2. LOL. Ted, that dude is nuts. You’re more of a lemur http://www.rfadventures.com/images/Animals/JLC%20photos/Mammal/Ringtail-Lemur-3201.jpg

    Seriously though. you did a good job.

  3. Of course he was serious…

    I… Love… This… Company… YEAH!

  4. “Brainshare is a typical business/corporate/ show, which means no technical content at all, just buzz and smoke screens for managers, so the only thing that matters is being loud”

    There’s generally a gray area between right and wrong. This is one of those odd instances where someone is completely wrong.

  5. He’s just jealous that he didn’t get to go to BrainShare is all. Trust me, it was a MAJOR improvement from when Jack was in charge. 🙂

  6. If I realized I’m out of CO2 after doing the GI Joe stunt, I’d probably shoot myself with a T-Shirt. Or something.

    I enjoyed the webcast 🙂

  7. At least they seem to have the same drugs.

  8. Dude, at home we call these type of guys “Wangsters.” Ted, you are Novell… I sat through the meetings with Mr. Hovsepian and the ELT….They know Ted is Novell. The keynote was perfect. I can imagine the preparation and anxiety that came along with the task!

    I must also say that it’s obvious this guy has never been to Brainshare…..What an awesome event!!! I bet my entire career on Novell’s success. I’m booked through July project after project built on and around Novell Solutions and Software for the Open Enterprise. If he don’t like it, there’s another phrase that I would like to include….[Norm: Um…let’s keep it polite, eh? 🙂 But thanks for the love! –Ted]

    Norm O’Neal

  9. As usual you did a great job with everything! Some of us know how much you do for all of us out in the real world and appreciate it more than you might realize. Let’s face it, the keynote had to be livened up and you pulled it off. Kelly and Patrick thought it was awesome and you brought attention to the Bonsai demo back at the office that it would not have gotten if you were not involved. Many birds, one Ted.

  10. Well, you sure weren’t screaming “Developers, Developers”. There was a noticeable lack of developer-focused material at BrainShare this year than in previous years.

    Other than that, the show was great, and of course you did a great job.

  11. I’m with Novell 100%, ALL THE WAY!

  12. There definitely was energy during the times when you were on stage (compared to the others who shared the limelight), but somehow, things did look “un-reharsed”, there was amateurism seen wrt the people on stage (the screen, b/g graphics were commendable though)

    I understand that the people behind amazing technologies like xgl cant be or neednt have amazing stage presence, but it doesnt get the point effectively either..

    And you definitely were looking like a Ballmer-wannabe 😀 no offense meant

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