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Far Worse than Trolls

I read on Seth Godin’s blog yesterday about the horrible threats that Kathy Sierra has been suffering. It has now reached Slashdot.

I originally learned about Kathy’s work from Luis Villa, and I started following her blog back then. I also saw Kathy speak at a conference last summer. She’s terrific, but even if she were not a prominent technology advocate, this kind of persecution is absolutely abominable behavior.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Internet as a social and education tool, but for all the enlightenment it may bring, unfortunately it also shows us that there are still indecent and sometimes downright terrible people out there.

I very much hope that Kathy comes back online. In the mean time, I remind myself that no matter what I may think of someone, we all not only share an obligation to be decent and respectful to each other, but also to do what we can to deter others from such abhorrently inappropriate behavior.


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