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9.6 Years: On Beyond Novell

A Brief Retrospective
I started working directly for Novell on September 26 of 1997. Prior to working for Novell, I was a Certified Novell Instructor, teaching all angles of NetWare, as well as other advanced network administration classes. I was recruited into Novell to do technical field sales. After two years, I took on a role as product evangelist for the new ZENworks product line, then briefly served as product manager for the management console iManager before becoming director of product management for the eDirectory product line. After that, I moved into marketing and served as director of marketing for GroupWise and Novell Linux Desktop, and finally shifted into my current role as user community guy/podcaster/blogger. In my current role I got to work with the members of Novell Users International, the open source community, and the brilliant engineers of SUSE and Ximian, as well as those of traditional Novell backgrounds. It has been a fantastic run.

April March 24th, 2007 was my final day working at Novell. Leaving will be anything but easy. The people who make up Novell’s technical community, both outside and inside of the company, have been wonderful to me. Still, I want to try something new. Spending almost a decade at a single company is a long time.

So where to?
Bungee logoThis week, I started at Bungee Labs, an exciting start-up company based in Orem, Utah. Bungee Labs is making what open source business advocate Matt Asay called a “Sourceforge for the 21st Century.” Bungee’s debut at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco last week garnered this very thorough review. To me, Bungee Labs appears to be the first company that might be able to deliver on the promise (and hype) of Web 2.0, and on a grand scale rather than just one small niche area.

At the core of Bungee Labs’ strategy is the need to build a strong community of developers for the platform that Bungee offers. My job will be to help build that community. More specifically, I get to help guide the external awareness and advocacy effort for that company, and help to steer the company’s culture to be web savvy, engaged, and interactive with its community. Going to a company that has community at the very core of its strategy was a proposition too intriguing to pass up.

I’ll be working for one Alex Barnett, an extremely well-regarded technologist who, along with a few others such as Robert Scoble, helped to influence what became known as the “new” Microsoft. Of course the proposition of working with an ex-Microsoftie raised my suspicions, so before taking the job I researched Alex’s name thoroughly and could not find a single negative statement about him. The guy really seems to grasp how Internet social culture affects how businesses must relate to their various constituents and stakeholders. In other words, Alex groks community.

Loose Ends
As I understand it, Novell Open Audio will continue, with Erin Quill taking over where I leave off.

I plan to keep blogging, and I very much hope that many of my readers from both the open source and Novell communities will stick with me. Bungee Labs’ technology will be something to watch, and I will certainly continue to discuss issues involving free and open source software as they relate to Bungee’s platform.

To learn more about my new company, I encourage you to check out Bungee’s videos:

Lastly, please share your thoughts, either by public comment or private email. The new email address is “ted” at “bungeelabs” dot com.

Loose Ends Addenda:

  • Yes, I will still be presenting on Novell’s behalf at LinuxFest Northwest.
  • Yes, I will still be coming to LugRadio Live.
  • Yes, Bungee’s site will soon be removing the iframes. (Sheesh!)

43 Responses

  1. Hm… its sad to see you leaving because, for me, you were *the* front person of the “new Novell” as you might call it…
    Also, I enjoyed reading your blog and I also liked the opportunity to occasionally share my thoughts here or by e-mail.

    But I wish you all the best at your new company – may the force be with you!

    If you ever fire up a new blog, let me know.

  2. Good luck ted 🙂 I’m sure you don’t need it though, does this mean you won’t be attending Lug Radio Live?

  3. Good Luck to you at the new place. I hope you get a chance to do all you want there and get a great following.It seems like a very interesting project to be associated with.

    Hopefully you can find a way to do a podcast tied in with the development and progress there. You’re a great host for that type of thing.

    And if you need help/advice on the community building aspects there’s a guy named Jono who’s helped with something little project called Ubuntu. Take his advice and do the opposite you can’t go wrong:)

  4. Very sad to hear this you’ve always been very helpful and friendly when I met you. So hope we’ll see each other again in another context! Hope this isn’t a bad sign for things to come at Novell.

    All the best for your new job!!

  5. Ted, congratulations on the new job and let me know if you want to be on my podcast to explain this Bungee thing — looks pretty useful.

  6. All the best with the new job, what they are doing sure looks cool. It is going to be hard to sell a model such as this to a developer base so used to conventional notions of IDEs, code control and application deployment.

    It will be interesting to see Bungee Labs’ association with open source given that their entire business model would appear to rely on controlling not only their back-end IDE/server code but also the output of the developers as well.

    Personally I find it a bit scary that in the event of Bungee’s demise not only do developers loose their IDE and hosting platform but also the very applications themselves.

    Given the choice of developing a new application using the Google Web Toolkit or Bungee I would expend the extra effort to use GWT simply because of these fundamental control and ownership issues. However feel free to convince me otherwise in the coming months….

  7. Well, Ted, best of luck in your future endeavors.

    I must say I followed Novell Open Audio and such more because of you than because of Novell, so I for one look forward to continuing updates on your new path.

    I agree that you’d do well to start a podcast related to your new project; I know I’d listen to it.

    From what little I got to know you in one conversation in Columbus Ohio last fall, I feel you’ll likely be happier in a more community-centric company.


  8. First Allison now Haeger, is there any personality left in Novell?

    Today Ted Haeger announced on his personal blog that he has left Novell and taken up a position at Bungee Labs, a Web 2.0 startup focused on creating a purely Web-based application development environment and deployment platform.Ted founded the Novell Ope

  9. hi Ted,
    its sad to know you are leaving Novell, rather left Novell, 2 days back ‘n i wud have liked to come and meet you, myself work @ Novell Bangalore, here for 3 months working on iManager… ‘n i saw here that you were product mgr for tht some years back… 🙂
    Neways followed this blog ‘n Novell Open Audio, as it presented a new ‘n dynamic face of Novell, which i hadn’t come much across in my almost 2yrs with Novell…
    well congratualtions ‘n all the best for your new job, we will surely miss you here @ Novell…

  10. Ted,
    Good luck with the new gig, I hope it puts smile on your face. I must admit that you left a mark on me at Ohio LinuxFest ’06. Your presentation actually got me excited about Linux on the desktop again. You revitalized the juices in my brain (BTW: that is a good thing). You get mentioned at our LUG meetings quite at bit since OLF06. This Bungee Labs thing is probably over my head since I am more of a admin/user than a developer, but I look forward to you talking about it on your blog and hopefully at a conf that I can attend.

    Good Luck.

  11. Ted,

    Had a real good time getting to know you at the Ohio Linuxfest and LWE, good luck in the future!

  12. […] From his blog (April 26th): March 24th, 2007 was my final day working at Novell. Leaving will be anything but easy. […]

  13. You will be dearly missed my friend!, I enjoy meeting at Scale 4x last year. Hope you have a great new career.

    – Mr.Novell (Brian Scott)
    – LAGym Guy

  14. Good luck Ted.

    You’ll be missed, but I’m not altogether surprised.

    Keep on dodging the salads.

  15. Good luck with your new employer Ted.

    I have followed Novell Open Audio from the start and hope one day to hear your voice there again.

    Don’t forget to continue blogging here.

  16. Wow. That’s certainly a blow for Novell PR.

    Sometimes it is just time to move on, take some risks and embrace change. It’s a rollercoaster ride which I know you won’t regret!

    Any time you’re in SA again, drop me a line.

  17. So thats what you was hinting at?

    I misread the blog and thought you said Bungie I was gonna say “can you get me a pre-release of Halo 3” 😛

    Best of luck.

  18. Ted,
    They’ll definitely miss you buddy! Good luck at the new digs. Please let us know if there’s anything we can help you out with.


  19. Good luck bro. Novell will miss you tremendously. I will say this, “It aint over….” We will see you soon. Thanks for everything, my career changed in a major way when you and I met.


    Norm O’Neal

  20. Best of luck Ted, you’ll be missed around here!

  21. Good luck with the new job, Ted. Guess this means you won’t be at GUADEC this year, but hopefully you can still make it to LUGRadio Live? Look forward to finding out what Bungee are upto.

  22. goodbye Mr. Ted! Good luck with your new job. Novell won’t be the same without you 😦

  23. Tell them to get rid of the iframes on their front page at bungee labs…it looks horrible 🙂

    Good luck in your new position!

  24. Good luck with the new venture Ted.

    Now Erin won’t have any excuse to hide from NOA!

  25. Dude, you will be sorely missed. I was really hoping to see you stick it out with Novell through the turbulence but everyone has to go their own way. You were one of the really decent things SUSE gained when they were picked up by Novell. I wish you the best of luck no matter where the winds take you. I will keep watching yer blogspace. Keep us up to date. Peace Rev

  26. Ted, I wish you all the best in this new endeavour.

    I would like to thank you for everything you have done for Novell and me in particular. I owe you a lot.

    Finally we won’t have to talk about work all the time. Hope to see you this week.


  27. Congrats on fleeing the Novell ship, well your ceo did recently say nothing good came out of Novell and that Microsoft was better.

  28. Ted,

    Good luck in your new venture. I am very sorry to see you leave Novell. I thought you were doing a great job informing the Novell community. I enjoyed every episode of Open Audio you recorded. I’m glad I got to meet you at Brainshare this year. Watching the 2 episodes of Open Audio being recorded was a lot of fun. Thanks for hanging out with us at Meet the Experts night. It’s a sad day for Novell, and the Novell community. I hope things go well for you, and will continue following your blog.

    P.S. – Was it Erin’s strange piercings or Jason Williams dirty looks that drove you away from Novell? 🙂

    Mike Brady

  29. Ted,

    All the best, I think we all sensed this was coming. If Novell replace you with someone half as enthusiastic and positive about Linux, they’ll have done well. I should have known something was going on when I took this picture at BrainShare :-

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisbeckett/431917926/ – spooky!



  30. We’ve already talked old friend, but the public should understand what a value to Novell you were and the sad reality of your loss.

  31. All the best dude, and good luck for the future. Who knows maybe we could tag team for a company in the future sometime? 😉

  32. So , Bungee are api.planet then [1]?

    Ted I am really glad your coming to LRL and I wish you “All the best” in this new role. I do hope you keep up the Podcast commentary though, since there are so very few people broadcasting who have a voice and a point of view which I appreciate. Just one last question , did you grab any good schwag on the way out ?

    [1] I only start my sentences with So because I know a certain person hates it 😉

  33. […] I didn’t want to blog this last week and scoop Ted. Here’s his post in his own words. […]

  34. [this comment posted by Ted with permission from Mr. Currin]
    Hi Ted,

    I just read your blog posting about you having left Novell. I must say
    it will be a big loss to the company and I wish you well in your new
    venture, and I’d like to thank you for all the great work over the
    years. I look forward to reading about the company and will definitely
    keep your blog in my feeds.

    I do hope NOA keeps going as it is a really good concept and I enjoyed
    chatting to Randy & Dave at BrainShare, which I was lucky enough to
    attend. Oh, also, your Friday general session rocked !!!

    The one thing from a Novell angle I will always remember is getting one
    of those way cool blue TShirts (the one with the Firefox, OO.org,
    Evolution & SuSE circle logos on the back) from you at our South African
    BrainShare while we still had them – it is still going strong (as are
    loads of our Novell products we have installed) !!!


  35. Hey, keep in touch. I am sorry to see you leave Novell–you’ve been an important part of our relationship with the company. I know you’ll do well and I hope our paths cross again.

  36. Ted,

    I was sorry to hear about your leaving Novell, but am happy for you in your new adventure. I’ve blogged some more of my thoughts:


    All the best!


  37. […] Jeremy Allison, then Ted Haeger, now Robert Love.  How many more big names from the open-source community will leave Novell?  I […]

  38. […] “Reverend” Ted Haeger – a leading light in Novell & Linux Advocacy. I met with him briefly whilst at Novell, on one of his many flying visits to the UK, he certainly left an impression on me! […]

  39. Ted, you have been a good friend and enjoyable to work with since Sacramento days. You have the personality that will propel you forward no matter who you work for. You are worth more than you are paid being head and shoulders above your peers.

    I really hate to see you leave Novell but understand needing to move forward. Novell seems to have been good for you. I hope to see you at BrainShare in 2008 as a Novell Partner.

    Good luck and Great hunting.


  40. Ted, best of luck. I really wish we could have talked this year at Brainshare. Hope to see you around the Bay Area.

  41. All the best for your endeavor…i will miss you as i loved to read your blogs.

  42. @rapid application development [41]:
    Well, truth is, I’ll still be blogging, and I’m actually into stuff that’s way more into the RAD space nowadays. 🙂

  43. […] I didn’t want to blog this last week and scoop Ted. Here’s his post in his own words. […]

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