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Get Some Reverend at LugRadio Live 2007

Yes, indeedy, I’ll be there.

This seems to be the #3 question after my leaving Novell in April: “Will you still be at LugRadio Live this summer?”

Those who know me know that I cannot get enough of that warm, good ole Wolverhampton feeling. Wolverhampton! “City of Dreams.” Even now, from so far away, I can remember vividly the way it clings to the soles of the feet, the way its sweet air permeates the clothing and lingers for months. Aye, some might say that there will be too much Ted at LugRadio Live. Most, actually.

I will be presenting on Bungee Connect, a no-fee, on-demand development and deployment environment that my new company Bungee Labs provides. Also, I plan to provide the captive audience (mind you, not necessarily “captivated”) a humorous update on “My Winter of Discontent,” which involves my getting divorced, leaving Novell, finding a new job, and getting a new home, all while sporting my new glasses to correct my two astigmatic eyeballs. (A hell of a winter it was!)

If you want to meet up, hang out, jeer the Jono, drink beer, slap the Aq, shoot the shite, finger paint Ade’s head, etc., then drop a line to ted(Shift-2-on-a-US-keyboard)bungeelabs.com.

See you in Wolverhampton!


5 Responses

  1. I might attend!

  2. Brilliant, What day Saturday or Sunday?
    P.S. Seeing as you’re no longer at openSUSE can I have your Laptop then?

  3. Roy [1]: Great. I’d like to meet you.

    Peter [1]: Saturday.

  4. As I said before, I am relieved to know that there is no tension. What I at the moment I am doing out of passion for digital freedom, not malice.

  5. Thats cool I was going to go Saturday too, look forward to seeing you again.

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