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What Next for the Rev’s Blog?

I’m off for a few days of R & R, to return on the 10th of September. Not that many would notice, considering my relative radio silence on the blog front lately.

Questions to consider while sipping from rum-and-umbrella-laden beverages:

  • Do I rename this blog, now that I am no longer connected into a distro vendor? My tenure at Novell put me in the midst of great open source innovators, many with whom I stay in casual touch. I my ability to advocate their work has been reduced enough that I am more an enthusiast than capable of being an advocate.
  • My growth in developing with Bungee Connect has been intense, but I still do not consider myself a fully capable web developer. So, what can I cover in this blog? Perhaps I can document my journey into becoming a competent web developer, but I am uncertain as to how interesting I can make that.
  • And worst of all, reverend…of what?

I hope to have a full report on my return. Your input will be appreciated, as always.

[Clarification: When I stated that I am considering a name change for this blog, I meant the “Open Source Advocacy ” piece, not the “with Reverend Ted” piece. As discussed among the great philosophers of the Seinfeldian school, you don’t get to choose your own nickname.]


8 Responses

  1. What exactly are you doing these days at bungee anyway, Ted? ‘ted haeger site:bungeelabs.com’ turns up zilch, which makes me suspect that if you’re still a community manager, you’re not managing much 🙂

  2. You must rename the blog. Change is good and it lets you make a big deal out of nothing at all! I’m thinking of renaming my blog either weekly or daily. Ooh! I should write a WordPress plugin that will rename my blog every hour. That would rule.

    While the story of a young up and coming web developer would be inspiring I think you should write about your life of crime and salad dodging. You could take a page from Why, of Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby fame, and just write things that are insane, and foxes.

    “And worst of all, reverend…of what?” Um, yeah, well, see here, the thing is, I don’t know how to say this, dude, you never were really a Reverend were you? It is ok. Jim Heath, aka Reverend Horton Heat, isn’t really a reverend either. Of course there isn’t much agreement about what constitutes a reverend anyway. I mean the Churches of Christ and some Baptist groups reject the term being used about anybody but the big “G” and then those Buddhists got into the act. Well why don’t we just agree to let you call yourself whatever you like. I myself sometimes like to be referred to as Admiral.

    (Man, WordPress’ default comment box kind of sucks. Does this thing even accept links? Why is there no preview option? Argh! I need to look into this.)

  3. Document the journey, yes. It’s difficult to interpret what people new(ish) to the webdev field feel about all the different ways of doing things from the perspective of someone who’s already doing it. And your actual initial journey cannot be recaptured later; one set of thoughts and posts from someone experiencing some of this stuff for the first time is worth a thousand experienced web hackers *speculating* about what new developers think.

  4. Stuart [2]: Methinks you’re right. Thanks for the push. –T

  5. […] Response to Luis Villa’s Inquiry Filed under: Bungee Connect, Linux/OSS, Random Stuff — Ted Haeger @ 4:56 am Quothe Luis Villa: What exactly are you doing these days at bungee anyway, Ted? ‘ted haeger site:bungeelabs.com’ turns up zilch, which makes me suspect that if you’re still a community manager, you’re not managing much. (August 31, 2007 @ 2:06 pm) […]

  6. Luis [1]: I deal with you here. 🙂 –Ted

  7. “Do I rename this blog?” Na, you still advocate the use of open source don’t you? change is is good but ‘point of reference’ is better! constantly changing the blog name will drop you off the search engine maps and we don’t want that, or do we? 😉

    “Reverend…of what?” Um, preaching the use of open source?

  8. You just ARE reverend Ted… There’s not much debate there, renaming yourself would just be bad luck. Like with a ship 😉

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