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Fun with GroupWise in Bungee Connect

GroupWIse iconYes, I used a mac to make this movie.In my quest to learn how to develop software in Bungee Connect, I decided to use the SOAP service for Novell GroupWise. I chose to use GroupWise as a reference platform for two reasons. First, the SOAP API for GroupWise has all the sophistication you could want: multiple levels of object inheritance, and its scope is comprehensive to say the least. (I wish I had understood that when I was in charge of marketing for GroupWise!) Second, nine years of working at Novell left me knowing how GroupWise works, so I would know when I actually got something to work.

Here’s a video of the project I am working on, available in patent-encumbered mpeg4, and freedom-loving Xiph (Ogg).If you would like access to my source code, drop me a line. I’m happy to provide you with the code and guidance on developing in Bungee Connect.







4 Responses

  1. Damn fine icons there, Ted. I like the part of the video where you say “…and thanks to bear454 for importing FreeDesktop.org’s Tango Icons into the Bungee environment!”


  2. @James:
    Indeed, I do owe that guy some kudos. The icons make the app, really.

    And Jakub Steiner (jimmac) likely deserves some kudos, too.


  3. Very cool Ted – glad to see you still love GroupWise 🙂


  4. Hello Ted,
    Really cool work.. liked it .. I am working on similar task management system which is used by project managers in companies to manage large projects.. Its a web application using JSP..
    I have created front GUI forms .. have to make a system interaction (database and server interaction to populate data to forms and send data from forms to backend).. hope i can develop that using bungee connect.:)


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