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Barack Obama

In my past job as a public spokesperson for Novell, I steered clear of discussing politics in my blog. But that was then.While I remain a technologist, and I will keep my blog focused on the technology in which I am involved, you might notice that I recently I added a widget containing an image of Barack Obama which links to his site. So, I’ll just state briefly: my country faces an opportunity to elect an extremely rare human being. The more I watch this man, the more I read and learn about him, the more I am struck by what an extraordinary person he is. He earned my vote in the Utah primary, and I have donated to his campaign.I encourage you to find out more about him, whether to disagree with his positions or to support him.And now, back to the tech…


3 Responses

  1. That was then, this is now. I am interested to hear what you think about him now? As an Obama supporter, has he lived up to your expectations?

    • He’s done about as well as I had expected him to do at this point, barring the unexpected (and undeserved) Nobel. Considering what he inherited–two wars, a world and US economy both in massive crisis, and world opinion of the US in tatters after 7 years of heavy-handed unilateralism–I’m satisfied with his performance. While some have groused about how some of his campaign positions have taken a backseat, I believe that some issues–such as ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell–are more easy to contort into divisive lightning rods than other issues of extreme importance–such as universal health care.
      What I am entirely disappointed by is the lack of ethics from the Republican opposition. They have repeatedly stonewalled attempts for bilateral dialog, while degrading the public dialog through hyperbolic & dishonest media tactics (such as “Death Panels”). Such behavior is unacceptable, and I long to see the principles of Conservatism restored from the wreckage that Lee Atwater and his intellectual progeny (Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh) have made of them. Atwater’s brand of public discourse, whether waged by liberals or conservatives, lowers everybody’s expectations of our representatives.

  2. Your Obama review is the probably the most down-to-earth I’ve heard from anyone on either side of the aisle. I’m disappointed in the scare tactics employed by political parties to sway the public opinion. While both of the major parties participate in it, you’re right that conservatives have been a little worse lately. They got booted out of office this last election and are fighting to be heard. However, some of them are resorting to the tactics of a five year old. I hope the Republican party can find itself again.

    As for President Obama, I can’t say I’m sad that many of his campaign positions have taken a backseat. 😉

    Thanks for the fairly objective review.

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