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    The Bungee Line was an audio podcast for web developers, covering web API's, software development, and the creation of richly interactive web applications.

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Brother Jono on The Bungee Line

The Bungee Line

After a brief hiatus, Alex and I finally got back in the studio to create another edition of our fledgling podcast for web developers, The Bungee Line. This one features an interview with my friend and fellow miscreant, Jono Bacon.

Why would a web developer-focused podcast want to interview a Linux community leader? Well, if you’re interested in the joys and challenges of managing developer communities–and you are, trust me–then there is likely no better case study than that of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is perhaps the most popular Linux distribution available today, and it has a vast community of developers that contribute to it. For a year and a half (or so), Jono has been spearheading the community program for Ubuntu, and his experience in managing such a large and widely distributed community of developer certainly bears relevance.

Oh, and there’s also the part that unlike many people we approach to come one the show, his standards aren’t very high.


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