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A Summer of Taunting Interns

Interns Are Fun.

Here at Bungee Labs world headquarters, we have 8 interns working this summer. 2 work on my team. The others work in different parts of the company. We keep them well fed, meaningfully employed, comfortably housed, and in shape. (In shape, because we provided them bicycles for the 3 mile journey to and from work. They have no idea what they’re in for come the triple-digit-degree days of July.) While the crew gets a lot done (they’re all high achievers, scholastically, and they’re applying the same diligence here at Bungee Labs), I enjoy their presence here for reasons other than their fine contributions.

Maybe it’s the enthusiasm with which they approach their work. Perhaps it’s their uncertainty about the workplace formalities of the “real world.” Perhaps its because I am in management, and they naturally look to managers as role models. Such naivite. For me it’s like having a bunch of slightly-younger siblings. I find the urge to psychologically mess with them irresistible.

I just hope that the example I set helps them to always look at work as something far too important to be taken seriously.


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  1. ROFL…We have GOT to share our intern torments, offline and discretely, of course. I just brought our first intern on, at Yahoo! Bellevue and am itching for ideas. Your post recalls a story about Microsoft interns. In the early days, MS interns were subjected to a slightly more effective training regimen than exists today. One rite of passage was to deliver a piece of I/O mail to “Building 7” or “Go to Building 7 for a meeting with the boss”. No such building existed. As inane as this prank may sound, it survives to this day as a fond memory in the minds of many ‘softies. Recently, a new building was planned for construction beside buildings 5 and 6, in Redmond. Since “Building 7” did not yet exist, the development team naturally decided to call it…Building 7. A huge uproar ensued. Consequently, the name of the new building will not be Building 7. Instead, it will be Building 37.*

    HR reps everywhere will shudder when they read this: rites of passage for new employees and interns play an important (and hopefully positive) role in developing the social fabric of any group, including and perhaps especially, corporations. Party on, Ted.

    *Source: Jim Stanton, who heads Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities;)

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