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Now Seeking My Next Gig

As a short update on my status, I’m now beginning to seek my next exciting role in technology.

As of Monday morning, I no longer work for Bungee Labs. My departure is part of Bungee Labs’ continuing restructuring that started with a larger layoff in late August.

I gained a lot from working with the Bungee team. I come away with a solid basis in object-oriented programming, its major design patterns, and an innovative re-take on the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern.  I learned how to work with RESTful, SOAP and other XML web APIs. And I gained an enormous amount of experience in relating to developers and building a developer program. All in all, I leave with new experience and skills that are particularly well suited for today’s technology market.

I’m still in the process of assembling my go-to-market-myself plan, but if you know of an organization seeking an innovative evangelist/community manager/developer-marketer or other tech generalist-specialist, please point them to my LinkedIn Profile.




6 Responses

  1. Rev.,

    You’ve made so many friends over the years, I am sure your next phase will be even better than the past.

    Deacon Paul

  2. Give in to the power of the dark side, my young apprentice.

  3. @Platt Vader:
    Never! Unless of course you can show me the power of a financial offer that I absolutely cannot refuse, including no need to move from Park City.

  4. Ted,

    Sorry to hear about your job at Bungee. Go back to Novell! I miss hearing you on Open Audio, and talking with you at Brainshare. I thought you really seemed to be gaining some momentum when you left. You did a great job building community for Novell.

    It was cool hearing you on LAS. It’s funny, because I was just thinking about you when Bryan did his “Linux Action Show!!!!” intro. You might not remember, but I suggested to you at your last Brainshare you have those guys come out and do a show. You were laughing about how Bryan intros the show. I think of you every time he does that, and then the next sentence was “We have reverend Ted with us today…”

    Good luck Ted, I hope you land on your feet, and from a customer perspective it would be cool to see you back at Novell.

  5. Hey, Mike:
    Thanks for the kind words. Bryan and Chris are great guys, and, predictably, I have always admired that Bryan can keep up the cheesy radio-style banter.

    As far as going back to Novell, I may try to strike up some conversations and see whether they would be interested in having me back or not. Troy Monney was one of the best managers I ever had the pleasure to work for and with. But I’d have to be getting into something that feels like a step forward in order to “go back.” (Still, if I ever did return, I have a standing invite from Erin to rejoin the NOA team.)

    Anyway, thanks again for your supportive words.


  6. My Man…..Long time no see. I have to reitterate what Mike said….Novell needs you! Hurry and GO BACK….Things have just not been the same without you. So, good luck, you will be in my families prayers. I hope to see you at BrainShare 2009!

    -Norm O’Neal
    Novell Users Group of Indiana (NUGI)

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