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Google Chrome Bluescreened My Windows XP VM!

Google Chrome

…and in a sick way, it was really kind of cool.

I’ve been playing with Google Chrome for a couple days.

But because Chrome is only available (natively) for Windows right now, I have to run a Windows XP virtual machine on my Linux machine (which still runs openSUSE).

And since I hardly ever need to use Windows anymore, the VM needed several updates, see?

So, I’m a-browsin’ and a-updatin’, and really enjoying how well the browser performs–especially with AJAX–while wondering how much the snappiness will decrease when Chrome is laden with more full set of browser features…

…and then Windows Update completes its work and tells me to reboot.

So, I click the “Close” option and skip the “Restart” so that I can do a Shutdown-and-Apply-Updates instead, because that’s how I want to do it, see?

But Chrome doesn’t want to close down. In fact, it stops responding altogether. Now Google Chrome is in a stare down with Windows shutdown.

Well, you know what Windows does to programs that don’t stop. That’s right, it puts up dialog messages. This one essentially says, “He don’t wanna go, boss. Can I kill’im?”

But before I can even respond, Chrome frickin’ blue screens Windows. As the kids say these days, >Snap!<

Next thing I know, I’m watching the VMware POST process emulation, and hoping that my VM is not hopelessly corrupted.

Good old nostalgia…I haven’t seen a Blue Screen of Death on my own machine in ages.


9 Responses

  1. That’s what virtual machines are for. Can vmware run in seamless mode? Then you’d be able to integrate a BSOD straight into your desktop.

  2. are you sure it was google chrome, and not really windows trying to make it look like google’s chrome caused the bluescreen??

  3. @AdmFubar:
    A couple of other apps (notepad, and some Systray apps) closed down normally. Chrome became unresponsive, and while it was, it momentarily seemed that I could still interact with other parts of the desktop environment, so I don’t think it was Windows alone. It seems to be somewhere between the Windows Update patch and Chrome. Chrome is still beta, so I don’t really fault Chrome.

  4. I hesitate to use even upgraded versions of Chrome, since my last experience using it (first version) left my computer compromised; have they fixed the security issues beyond all doubt?

  5. My buddy loaded Chrome on his work laptop that utilizes Windows XP. Ever since his entire computer has slowed way down. He claims it eats resources like no tomorrow. I will pass until Google has knocked out a few fix releases.

  6. Do you still have this problem with current Chrome?

  7. @Dan Kegel:
    I never saw it happen again.

  8. hi is there a google chrome that available for windows xp sp1 pls

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