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The Greatest Gift of All

Okay, so you want :

  1. to get something fun for a kid/the kids/the family.
  2. to really impress your spouse/significant other/love interest
  3. to get yourself something that makes you feel like you know about something special

My suggestion:


The pictures show my mother making a big bubble, and the actual bubble she made.

I first used “the Bubble Thing” many years ago while in college. I just got one for myself after all these years and re-discovered the simple, wonderful joys that it brings. And not just to me, my wonderful, beautiful girlfriend Heidi loves to watch.


The monster bubbles that you make with the Bubble Thing wobble in the wind and swirl with magnificent iridescent colors. Many sink to the ground and pop, but some find enough lift to fly skyward. (Heidi forms personal relationships with each one I make, talking to them, rooting for them, telling them not to hit this tree branch, or those wires, or the wall of a building.)

It’ll cost you about $12 (not including some Dawn dish soap).


One Response

  1. Ordered for my daughter. Good suggestion 🙂

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