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How to Revert to Standard Gnome Menus

So you don’t like the SLED10’s Main Menu–you prefer the traditional Applications-Places-System menu in Gnome. A few people have commented to me that they hope that SLED doesn’t force them to use the new menu. Rest assured, SLED10 provides you choice on that.

I made a quick video to show that, no, you do not have to use default Main Menu in SLED10. With a couple quick clicks you can change it back to the way you like.

Revert to the Old Menus

Video information:

  • The video is a 2 MB Ogg Theora file.
  • Windows and Mac users consult this page.
  • On Linux, I recommend using something like Totem for viewing. (Helix/RealPlayer did not play the video very smoothly.)
  • There is no audio on this file.

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