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Hey, Sealy: You Suck!

You know that old line of jokes about The Mattress Police, the people who check whether a mattress still has its law tags attached? If you live in the U.S., then you probably do. After all, it was a joke in the 1985 movie Fletch, an author uses it for his registered domain name, and there are t-shirts,  a punk band, and countless other links riffing on the concept. The whole joke is based on the absurd notion that someone checks such an obscure thing. Of course, the tags also state that the tags can be removed by the consumer, so it’s just a joke. Right?

Not according to Sealy. They use those tags as a way to weasel out of their warranty. Wow. Sealy just screwed me out of $1000+.

In Spring of 2007, I bought a California King Sealy mattress. The mattress has turned out to be an epic fail. Within 3 years it began to cave in, and now it has sunken in deep enough to cause me a lot of back pain. However, Sealy will not honor their 10 year warranty because I removed the “law tags.”

Although the warranty states that you must have these, the tags merely state that they may only be removed by the consumer. They don’t mention that removing the tags can void your warranty. Talk about your fine-print technicality.

Sealy uses cheap technicalities to get out of serving customers. That really sucks, Sealy. You suck, Sealy.

I post this rant because I hope that some small number of people will see this and avoid Sealy when purchasing a Sealy sleep set.

I’ll take it down should Sealy ever decide that their brand matters enough to honor the warranty that helped their authorized retailer sell me their shoddy Shy Blossom mattress.

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10 Responses

  1. Sounds like a story for consumerist, Ted.

  2. I’m curious why you pulled off the law tags?

    • @Frank: Well, that brings up a raft of embarrassment. I pulled them off theatrically and defiantly during a standard maintenance rotation, while assuring my financee that the tags said that only the consumer could do so, and that we would suffer no consequences.

  3. Ted,
    If you haven’t given up yet, I recommend that you keep pushing. If you have the original bill of sale and point out to them that “their ” law tag says you may remove it, you should get satisfaction if you push hard enough. A second recourse is to sue the store that you bought it from for not honoring the warranty. I know that these tactics work as I have been in business 26 years. I wish you luck.

  4. I got screwed by Sealy the same way and hope that any other consumers have read this blog an avoid Sealy.

  5. Keep it up! They still weasel out of their warranty. We have a Sealy puchashed in 2008. There is deep sagging and one side is bowed out and totally broken down.

    I inspected the mattress before callling and saw no stains. They came out and inspected and found a faint stain and say they won’t honor the warrant.

    Although, I found the class action law suit filed against them and called the law firm. They told me Sealy settled the suit. I think it’s maybe time for another one…

    After getting info on this settlement I called the company and the store back and they will reevaluate the mattress and offered if I have it cleaned they would consider replacing it…

    Sealy does suck!!!

  6. Thats so stupid- what does the tag matter?

  7. Well thats complete bullshit! I just sent them a claim because the damn mattress is squeaking horribly and the mattress isnt even a yr old! It seems like I wont get any sort of resolution now…

  8. I bought a king size Sealy Mattress in 2008 when I bought my new home. The mattress was fine for only one year. It started sagging badly. My wife and I started having really bad back problems. I never had any back problems in my entire life. The spot where I normally laid down dipped at least two inches. I contacted the furniture company regarding the sagging mattress. The owner of the furniture company contacted Sealy. Sealy sent some independent contractor to do measurements to the sagging mattress. The inspector said that I would receive a call from Sealy in about a week. I did not receive a call for over a month. I contacted the owner of the furniture store where I bought the mattress from. He attempted to contact Sealy and did not get an answer for another month. Finally, I got a answer that Sealy will not honor their ten year warranty promise. What a SCAM! I have spent $2000 on a mattress that lasted only one year. Buyers, please beware! Don’t ever buy any Sealy products or you will be sorry. I have slept on the floor for past couple of months already since my Sealy mattress was a useless junk heap. People, please save yourself the back pain and your money and buy another brand.

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