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The Saga of Brad’s Lamps

Brad leaves his office lights on. It bugs me.

I’m talking about Control4’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Brad Hintze. He bugs me.

I go by his office and it looks like he’s there because there’s a light inside. But it’s just that he doesn’t turn off the two lamps in his office. So I turn them off.

The next day, same thing.

I got tired of turning off his lamps, so I started moving them different places.

Desk lamp? Corporate Counsel JD Ellis’s office.

Then SVP of Sales Bryce Judd’s.

Then our Senior Director of Financial Analysis.

Floor lamp? Eventually in CEO Martin Plaehn’s office, but only after he recovered it from a couple different conference rooms.

Then one day, I go to unplug his lamps for yet another relocation…only to find…this:

That stopped me…


…for 30 seconds. I unscrewed the 7 lightbulbs from the two lamps, hid them throughout his office and left him a note of a bunny waving, captioned “Happy Easter!”

And yet he still leaves the lights on.

But I think I found the solution: