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Working at Mozy

UtahBusiness.com logoAlthough I have been blogging all too seldom in the past couple years, I want to share one of my responses for the “Best Companies to Work For in Utah” survey conducted annually by UtahBusiness.com. Why? Because I want to share with tech professionals in Utah what its like working at Mozy right now.

Please list the benefits you enjoy about the company.

The biggest benefit at Mozy is the people with whom you get to surround yourself.

Year over year, Mozy’s culture gets better and better. Collaboration between teams has reached a new height, and the resulting innovation is exhilarating and infectious. A new colleague can approach just about anyone in R&D, sit down and have an intense, illuminating discussion. You come away feeling smarter than you did before.

Mozy has people working on deep cryptography challenges, solving problems of petabyte-scale storage, and researching new models for managing multi-tenant cloud services. I have colleagues who have helped write standards for the worldwide web (a former W3C employee), who have helped build internationally recognized brands (a former brand manager for Xbox Live), and who have applied the Google data center model to design one of the world’s largest-scale, fault-tolerant storage systems from consumer-grade disk hardware (Mozy’s 90-petabyte storage infrastructure).

Mozy’s newest addition, Stash–a file synchronization feature similar to Dropbox, but with the security and management that businesses demand–is renewing Mozy as a regional a talent magnet. How many companies in Utah can claim to run a high-scale, popular and successful SaaS that is built to endure as long as Mozy?


So, yeah…If you’re looking for a great place to apply your talent in Utah, Mozy has a lot to offer.

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